Arek - Scoundrel (JEDI Sympathizer) QfxRtf4

Arek - Scoundrel (JEDI Sympathizer) KIRPJPz

Name : Arek

Height: 6'0

Weight: ???

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black

Skin: Tan

Age: ???

Species: Humanoid

Home Planet: ???

Class: Smuggler

Path: ???

Relatives: ???

Notable Physical Features: Keeps a Cig lit and in his mouth most of the time

Personality: Confrontational, Bold

Force Sensitivity: ???

Physical Description of Character: ???

Early Life:

First encountered during "These Grey Days". He was rescued from Delaya by Jedi Consular Pearl, and helped to restore control back to the Tyrtaeus despite shooting at Kiflin.

He came to Tython with everyone. He's been a big help to the Jedi Master Pearl Fenni. He's currently at Stav Kesh bonding with Galen over hacking into droids that Kiflin brought back with him after Episode 6: Into the Void.