JEDI Master Infrit Dor LLQIcid

Description: Jedi Master Brown Tunic with a Dark Brown Jedi Cloak

Name : Infrit Dor

Height: 6'1


Eyes: silver

Hair: none

Skin: dark peach

Age: 55

Species: Kel Dor

Home Planet: Dorin

Class: Jedi

Path: Guardian

Family:Mother(alive), Father(recently deceased)

Notable Physical Features : his rare silver colored iris eyes are the only notable features of his person even though they are rarely seen because of his goggles. Taller than most Kel dors his age

Personality: usually quiet, But over the years as opened up to both old and new members alike. Infrit may be a Master but he's always full of questions, eager to expand his mind. Very lean back and relaxed. He's devoted to his comrades, showing little mercy for those who'd harm them, but he remains tied to the code of the Jedi.

Physical Description as A whole Character: Infrit has a lean body that he keeps well hidden underneath his robes.

Early Life: Born on his home planet of Dorin, he was taken to the Jedi Temple on coruscant at the age of 3 after it was discovered he had the potential to use the force. It was there he met his 2 best friends Kie'wan (blue twi'lek) and Vin (rodian). The trio were taught under the kind hearted Jedi Knight Serra Bacorn. At the age of 7, the temple was attacked by a surprise attack of the sith which resulted in the destruction of the temple. Serra Bacorn was Killed during the assualt while Kie'wan and Vin having taken a different shuttle than Infrit were shot down by sith fighters during their escape. Infrit's shuttle managed to escape and relocate to a newly made temple on the home world of the Jedi, Tython. The temple was promptly named "The Jedi Order" was led by grandmaster Clark Morelann. The council consisted of Masters Fenoran, Ribess, Garet, Kallen, Hybrid, Kian, Valkus, Tantanial, Sabel and Akasha. Infrit spoke little during his time at the new temple, seemingly traumatized by the previous events on Coruscant. But the Jedi of the temple made him feel at home. He formed close bonds to a young padawan that had join at the same time as him named Jagger. Infrit also grew close to Jedi Knights Buchou Nettoc and Plo Ammon. At the age of 12, he was given to Master Valkus Werdan to train as his Padawan in the ways of Jedi. For years they worked on training assignments to help Infrit advance his knowledge in the ways of the force. Often the 2 had to part ways at a time do to unforeseen circumstances, eventually coming together at a later time. What time he didn't spend with his master, Infrit spent studying in the Jedi archives, reading about the Jedi's history and the galaxy. He was always so amazed by the vast wealth of information the archives had. Watching for sometime, the council decided for him to finish his training with his fellow Kel Dor, Master Kian Koon. He trained him harshly for months preparing him. Together they travelled to find the culprits stealing a rare mineral from a planets storage facilities. But it was a trap set up by a dark jedi, seeking any Jedi that would fall into it. Unfortunately for her, she didn't expect the padawan to be so skilled with the lightsaber. Infrit attempted to immobilize her but she wouldn't allow it, forcing the padawan to end her life. Upon returning to the temple, having recongnized how he'd handled himself, he felt it was time. That night, he along with all the other masters dubbed him a Knight of the order.

-To Be Continued

Recent Life: Master Infrit Dor has just returned after a long stay on his home planet of Dorin. Infrit originally left Ashla due to its destruction but also to attend to his father's funeral but ended up staying to pay a massive gambling debt his father had accumulated. With his death it was passed to his now Widowed mother who had no way to pay for it. Infrit not wanting to leave his mother in this mess sold the home and along with what credits he had on him purchased farm land outside the marvelous cites of Dorin. Using the force, he talked to the plants and urged them to grow allowing him to grow plants twice the size of regular farmers crops in half the time. He built his mother a small but comfortable hut on a hill that surveyed the farmland. After a 5 years Infrit was able to buy droids and a few kel dor work hands to maintain the farm. He also bought 2 protocol droids to attend to any of his mother's needs while he was away. His proud mother kissed and hugged her son goodbye as he left to return to his duties as Jedi of Ashla. Upon arriving, he discovered the temple had changed a great deal, and many of his friends had left. Seeking knowledge on their whereabouts he entered the council chambers to find master Fenoran. After a brief talk they both decide to head to Coruscant in search of the hidden Guardians of Legacy. Upon arriving, the 2 had no idea where to look for the temple being unable to sense it they had no way of finding it. Therefore they decide to let themselves be known, to allow others to sense they're presence. This allowed master Kiflin to find the pair in a Cantina. After a few drinks and talking Kiflin asked if the 2 would be interested in joining. The pair thought long and hard, they decide to join the Guardians of Legacy. Not long after joining, he was already sent off to rescue the Jedi party sent to save the Senator of Fondor's goods along with his new padawan, Tyria. Using a Expungable class warship provided by Princess Candence, Infrit and Sybon were able to capture the unsuspecting Imperial Vessels commanded by Grand Moff Sa-deerin, off guard. Using the ensuing space battle, Infrit and Tyria were able to get aboard the Imperial ship holding the padawans. Unfortunately, Isaac was taken away before they could reach him, leaving a gravely wounded Accendo behind. They were able to bring the wounded padawan aboard their ship and return to the expungable just before the imperial ship self destructed, under the Grand Moff's orders. The expungable escaped, leaving the imperial vessel to blow alone.

-To Be Coninued

NPC Companion(s) -

T7-M6 nickname: Mix

T7-M6 is the very first droid Infrit has ever purchased to help during his time as a Jedi. His duties consist of making sure Infrits ship The Seer is running smoothly and in good condition.

Skills and Personal Ability's:

Martial arts


Skilled in the use of dual wielding due to a small vibro-knife his Master Kian Koon gave to him as a knight.

Through much practice with the force, Infrit has has been able to strengthen his punches. He's been known to dent thin armor that would normally break someones fingers. His claws are also more durable and sharper than normal kel dors, with enough force he can penetrate rock and easily cut flesh.

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Connect
Has a natural ability of telepathy common in his species.

Non Combatant Skills:

A experienced Pilot and Fleet Commander

Lightsaber Level:

Force Connection:

Lightsaber forms :

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_FormI-TJP1
Form 1:Shii-Cho Mastered- 0xp
(You Gain: Disarming Slash - You strike at your opponent's weapon, attempting to rip it from his grasp.)
(You Gain: Sarlacc Sweep - You lash out at multiple enemies, striking them with a sweeping motion)

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_Makashi11
Form II : Makashi Adapt- 0

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_830px-Soresu11
Form III : Soresu Mastered- 0xp
(You Gain: Deflecting Slash - You use the momentum from your effort to deflect a projectile to strike at an adjacent opponent)
(You Gain: Circle of Shelter - You create a protected area around yourself, through which enemies have difficulty reaching you or your allies.)

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Ataru
Form IV : Ataru Advanced Mastered- 0xp
(You Gain: Hawk-Bat Swoop - You leap into action against your foe, striking with your lightsaber before other enemies have a chance to react)
(You Gain:Saber Swarm - You slash at your opponent rapidly, aiming many short strikes at the targets body)
Using adv mastery, i am a blur of speed and power. Confusing my enemies with intense blows and unorthodox acrobatics. I must be using Force Valor at this lvl

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_250px-Djem-So1-1
Form V: Shien / Djem So Adept- 750xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_Niman1
Form VI: Niman Mastered- 0xp
(Draw Closer - can grab an opponent with the force, drawing him into the path of your weapon.)
(Pushing slash - You strike at your target with your lightsaber, then hurl him away from you with the force.)

Lightsaber Techniques:

JEDI Master Infrit Dor 250px-ExarKunTraining-DLOTS1
Jar'Kai: Advanced Proficient- 0xp
( Twin Strike- A duel-wielding strike that the character simultaneously swings both lightsabers to act as a strong-attack. Both lightsabers meet the target or object.)
(Rising Whirlwhind- A duelist swings his lightsabers about his body, creating a brilliant whirlwind.)

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Trakata1-1
TrĂ kata:Proficient- 700xp
(Pass The Blade- The duelist deactivates his blade as he attacks, bypassing the opponent's block before igniting it into the hapless foe.)

Force Powers:

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Throw1
Force Push: Advanced Proficient- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Beckon1
Pull: Proficient- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Translocation
Reflexes: near Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-speed1
Speed: Near Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Leap1
Jump: Advanced Proficient- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-StasisWave
Force Sense: Near Mastery - 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Telekinesis1
telekinesis: Mastered - 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_KP-BoltofHatred1
Saber Throw: Advanced Proficient - 2,000xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Wave2
Force Wave: Mastered- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Maelstrom2
Force Repulse: Novice- 1050xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_SP-Counterfeit1
Electric Judgement: Advanced Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-BreathControl1
breath control: Mastered- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Cloak2
force cloak: Mastered- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-Seeing1
force seeing: Mastered- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-ShieldOfFinalWay2
Force Protection/Barrier: Advance Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-AffectForceImpact
Mental Barrier: Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_OP-ForceWeapon1
Force Weapon: proficient- 7,100xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-BattleMeditation1
Battle Meditation: Adept- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-FeedOnDarkSide1
Force Valor: Mastered- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_75px-FP-MindTrick2
Mind Trick: Adept- 2,000xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor 75px-FP-Sense1
Force Affinity: Near Mastery- 0xp

JEDI Master Infrit Dor Th_120px-FP-Speak1
Force Speaking with Tyria, Accendo and John: Near Mastery

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Infrit vs Valkus - draw
Infrit vs Jagger - loss
Infrit vs Kiflin - draw
Infrit vs Drylan - loss gained 500xp from duel. spent
Infrit vs Vexx - draw
Infrit vs Xavier - loss

Discovered Emperor's true identity- 200xp spent

Kiflin teaches- Makashi
Xavier teaches- Jedi mind trick earned 400xp spent
Kiflin teaches- Force weapon earned 450xp spent
Valkus teaches- Force Repulse earned 300xp
Kiflin teaches- Force protection/barrier 500xp


Infrit as a Youngling
JEDI Master Infrit Dor ShaKoon

Infrit as a padawan
JEDI Master Infrit Dor Kel_Dor_NEGAS-1

Infrit as a Knight
JEDI Master Infrit Dor Plo_koon_by_frostious_colored__by_s

Infrit as a Master
JEDI Master Infrit Dor Gnost-Dural-1

Infrit as a Member of the Jedi Council
JEDI Master Infrit Dor Barak__colored_by_what_i_do_is_secret-1