JEDI Master Brental Viir IfnFbNx

Name : Brental Viir

Height: 2.06 meters

Weight: 72.5 Kg

Eyes: Silver

Hair: N/A

Skin: White

Age: 234

Species: Pau'an

Home Planet: Utapau

Class: Jedi

Path: Consular

Relatives: Father (deceased), Mother (deceased), no siblings.

Notable Physical Features: Lined skin with red markings on his face

Personality: Dispassionate, patient and calm.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Physical Description of Character: Bone white skin with thin lines going down over their body. Red facial markings, and silver eyes. Jagged teeth with long nails. Slightly above average height of his species.

Early Life:

Brental was born 212 years before the start of the Great Galactic War in the year 3,893 BBY. The Jedi were still in the midst of rebuilding themselves after the events of the First Jedi Purge 58 years before and had just reached the point where they could begin recruiting younglings again when they found Brental not long after his birth. His midi-chlorian count tested high and so his parents were given the option to send him to training when he was old enough to travel. At first his parents declined due to him being their only child and because of the long-lived nature of their species. However after 15 years they offered him a choice, to see if the Jedi would take him for training now that he was older or continue his life among his own people.

It took several weeks for Brental to decide, but ultimately chose to try his hand with the Jedi and thus sent a communication asking permission to train among them. It was several days before they heard back, his parents unknowingly having forestalled the Jedi's decision by waiting so many years. It took the current Jedi Council at the time several days of debate and research of the Pau'an species before concluding that his age was acceptable for his species and was therefore not to old to join the Jedi. Brental spent several years training aboard various Jedi transport ships that were converted to mobile schools, the Jedi being cautious after the events of the First Purge. It wasn't until he passed his trials and was granted a Master that he had set foot at his first Jedi Temple. For decades he and his Master had traveled the galaxy, acting as investigators, diplomats and scholars, helping various people from farmers to planetary governments and educational institutions.

After 20 years he had been granted the title of Knight and was allowed to operate on his own, doing much the same as what he had been all ready. It wasn't long till he was granted his own Padawan and began his tenure among the Jedi as a mentor and guide to the next generation of Jedi. This continued for the next 60 years until he was granted the title of Master, after which he focused his efforts on teaching many Jedi as well as helping various educational institutions researching ruins of lost civilizations.

Particularly he focused his attentions on digs that related to the Yor and the first Jedi, seeking the wisdom of those who came before, be it through holocron, tablet, iconography or artifact. This continued until a little after 100 years later when the Sith returned and declared war upon the Republic. For the next 22 years Brental Viir would act as both teacher and defender as he worked to coordinate troops and supplies around the galaxy to defend planets of strategic importance, until the Jedi seemed to lose support among the Senate and was ousted from his command position. Replaced by a member of The Enlightened, he began to make his way to Tython, only to discover the Jedi Temple had been destroyed in a recent bombardment by the Sith. Shocked at what he saw, and the realization that the war had numbed him to the deaths of so many Jedi in the Force he made a promise to recover any and everything he could, vowing not to let the knowledge of the Jedi die so easily.

Lightsaber Forms:

Form 1: Shii-Cho: Mastered

Form 3: Soresu: Mastered

Form 4: Ataru: Proficient

Form 5: Shien: Near Mastery

Form 6: Niman: Advanced Mastery


Force Push: Mastered

Force Pull: Mastered

Force Leap: Mastered

Force Reflex: Mastered

Force Speed: Mastered

Force Sense: Mastered

Telekinesis: Mastered

Force Absorb: Mastered

Force Healing: Mastered

Mind Barrier: Proficient

Psychometry: Advanced Proficient

Force Protection: Proficient

Force Bubble: Near Mastery

Doppleganger: Proficient

Battlemind: Adept