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descriptionGalen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) EmptyGalen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer)

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) Yrm3Mo0

Name: Galen Fenni
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 215 LBS
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Species: Echani
Age: 31
Current Class: Smuggler
Location: Polar Caps on planet Telos, also home planet


Pearl Fenni, younger sister

Force Sensitive: Yes, but has no desire to become a Jedi himself.

Early Life:

After my sister left with the Jedi Knight, I decided it's my turn to do good for my village as well. I kissed my mother on the cheek and told her I was going to live in the village down the mountain. She didn't like the idea of it after my sister had just left with the Knight. Eventually she agreed with when I told her what I will be doing will help the village and thrive. She agreed and helped me pack for the trip down the mountain and to stay there for a while.

It took me three days to get down the mountains, it took a lot of adjusting to the warm heat due to the fact I was born and raised in the snow cap mountains. A few of my mother’s friends helped me settle in. I won credits through fighting, gambling, and learning how to pick pocket. I developed some of my own connections through it all. I became a smuggler in trade. I learned how to pilot, shoot a pistol even though it felt weird, and pick a lock. I even won my ship, Whisper Bird, in a fighting tournament. I stay in contact with my sister through anyway means possible.

A few years later my sister, Pearl came back to the village along with two Jedi friends, Errend and Infrit. They found me adrift in space. The Whisper Bird took some damage after I ran from some pirates after I stole some generators from them after they were stolen from me. Hefty credits that they cost. I didn’t say anything about why I was adrift, and they didn’t ask why. They helped me back home. For that, I am grateful to them.

They stayed at the academy that I had been rebuilding with the Jedi Knight Nelani. After everything that had happened and with my grandparents passing. I became the next village leader with my wife Clarissa. My first order of being leader was disbanding our way of living as I seen no point to it any longer. I steadily moved everyone to a new location on Telos, help build a new village, appointed a council, and then divorced my wife. That’s a story for another day. I left the village after being content with life thriving to continue the smuggler trade.

After a few years of not hearing from my sister when she was aboard the Tyrtaeus. I decided to pay her a visit on Tython, the home of the Jedi planet. Only if I learned from other experiences…

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descriptionGalen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) EmptySkills

General Skills:

Coercion- Adv. Proficient

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) 7KFO32q

Piloting- Mastery

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) FvJZ05W

Slicing- Proficient

Stealth- Proficient

Pick locking- Adv. Proficient

Repair- Adv. Proficient

Sleight of hand- Proficient

Hacking- Adv. Proficient

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) Nsu2ElV

Pistoleer- Mastery

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) LQPtLqp

Blaster Rifleman- Adv. Proficient

Medicine- Mastery

Hand-to-Hand Skills:

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) Cu4BMzL

Echani Martial Arts- Adv. Mastery

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) N2FETXK

Brawler- Mastery


Healing- Proficient

descriptionGalen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) EmptyInventory


DE-10 Blaster Pistol

Vibroknife tucked away in his boot.

(2)Echani vibrosword strapped to the back.


Echani accuracy gloves- increase unarmed damage

(2) Echani Battle stimulant- a boost of adrenaline through the body, focusing the mind and increasing the user's tolerance for damage. This resulted in the user having the ability to maneuver faster.


Echani fiber armor


Data Pad

Cleaning cloth

(3) Dilnlexan cigars in case


descriptionGalen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) EmptyGalen's ship

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) XgUxmKM

Galen Fenni (JEDI Sympathizer) GZzIC5w
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