Jedi Master Fenoran Whinor  HcmpvL9

Fenoran Whinor


218 lbs

eyes: big and black

Hair: long green tendrils

Skin: smooth and green. a dark geen color, but not too harsh

Age: 59


Home planet: Mannan

Sentinel Headmaster

Rank:Jedi Master

Family: Only child, both parents dead. Mother killed by sith troopers, father killed while leading a resistance against the Sith during the Jedi Civil War on Mannan.

Notable Features: Kind smile and missing a tendrel from the Battle of Tython. Many scars on his body from the battles he has fought.

Personality: Very funny and witty. Likes to play and spar. but when the time calls, you cant find a more serious Jedi around other than Master Valkus of course.
Master Fen has grown surreal in his older ages. He has come to be a very kind and patient master of the order and has grown close. He has seen many younglings come and many knights go. Looked on as friends have left and new ones replace them. All in all, growing in wisdom and connection to the Force, he is one of the notibly respected Jedi of the order.
Fen is built very sternly. He is short for his race, and skinny to boot, but he is strong and powerful. Cut and defined muscles make up the landscape of this jedi\'s body.
In his old age, Fen\'s form has grown less defined, yet his mind has never been sharper. Muscles of all are no in smaller form and his strength is leaving him, yet he is just as formidable as he was when he was a knight.

Early life: Fen\'s father and grandad lead a resistance on mannan against the sith occupation of their side of the floating city. His father was killed in a rescue attempt to save his mother that was captured and killed by Sith troopers trying to investigate where the resistance\'s HQ was. Master Kaien Decar helped settle the violent dispute once authorities had arrived and Fen\'s grandpa, realizing during the conflict Fen\'s ability to connect to the \"Force\", handed Fen over to the Jedi Master for Jedi training and a better life. Last known contact with Fen\'s grandfather reported he was on the Mannan high council for his work during the war against the Sith.
Recent life:

Fen has been knighted and taken a padawan of his own, young Darin Malek. he has survived the many attacks on the temple of Ashla and is still one of the most fervent members of the Order. Fenoran is now teaching a class for sentinels while finishing his training to become a jedi watchmen as well. Fen is playing a big role in the reconstruction and rebuilding of our infrastructure here at the temple since the traitor destroyed the Archives. he is also helping with the new government planning for the Order.

Fenoran achieved the rank of master. He helped by guiding new minds into the Order and helping in any way he could. Soon, the head master of the sentinel path retired and the only other master qualified to replace him was Fenoran. So Fen became the new Sentinel Headmaster and has been so for many years now.

Fenoran recently became the Grand Master of the Order of the Ashla. The order had been in an unending state of stagnation and th ecouncil saw it fit to elect him the Grand Master in hopes he could pull the temple together and help the order to move forward. After returning to the temple and repairing the destruction Lord Tiru had wrought, Grand Master Fenoran Whinor recieved a transmission from the Manian Council that his grandfather High Councilor Sar\'mun Whinor had passed away and that his presence was requested for the funeral.
After the funeral, Fenoran met with the council of Mannan and recieved his Grandfather\'s funeral. It had turned out his Grandfather was taking care of Fenoran\'s much younger cousin, Jhar\'en Whinor, and requested the boy to go to the Order with Fenoran. honoring his grandfather\'s request, Jha\'ren was taken to the order and tested for his midichlorien count and found it to be high, just as his cousin\'s was at his age.

Padawan\'s Fenoran has trained:
-Darin Malek, now a Master
-Errend Duivel, now a knight
-Rygual Solser, now a master in NJO
-Azrael Emrys Blackthorn, now a knight (assisted in Emrys\'s training with his real master, Master Ammon)
-Axton Tendway
-Isaac Incito

Duels Fen has fought in:
-Jedi Knight Plo Ammon-won
-Rematch w/ Plo Ammon-lost
-Jedi Master Buchou-lost
-Jedi Knight Xavier Brandoth-won
-Jedi knight Jagger Cyde-won
-Padawan Van Scook-won
-Jedi Master Kaydoses-draw
-Numerous Sith in the war
-Lord Devestation-Draw

Missions Fen has been on:
-The Truth behind Azterri
-Mission to Nubia Chapter 1
-Mission to Nubia Chapter 2
-Return from the Depths
-Wookie pelt
-Cease fire on Mannan
-Water World
-The Search for the Kaiburr Crystal