Jedi Master Sybon SnJkZCy

Name : SYBON

SEX: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 175

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Skin: Greem

Age: 37

Species: Ithorian

Home Planet: Ithor

Class: Jedi

Path: Consular

Relatives: Unknown???

Notable Physical Features: Curved neck with a T shaped head, there are two mouths on his head. Standing almost 6ft tall with light brown skin.

Personality: Very calm and passive, Sybon treats everyone with kindness and is very open minded. His study's as a diplomat have made him patient and able to be civil with anyone including his enemies. He accepts people for who and what they are and will help anyone who needs it and wishes for nothing in return.

Force Sensitivity: Strong

Physical Description of Character: Sybon is a slender person with a slight muscular build. Possessing quick reflexes he is very fast and can perform many acrobatic feats unusual for his species.


1. Reflections of the Padawans
2. Senate's Request
3. STAR WARS: The Search for the Kaiburr Crystal
4. STAR WARS: The Nature of the Dark side
5. STAR WARS: Draped in Shadow
6. Visions of a Future Past 1&2
7. The Legacy of Adas
8. Tomb of Learning
9. STAR WARS: Draped in Shadow
10. Coruscant City: Scouting Mission
11. Reparations for Anaxes


1. Kallen (lost)
2. Kiflin (lost)
3. Darth (won)

Early Life: (Back-story) Born and raised on Ithor, Sybon never knew his family or his lineage, being adopted by a diplomat. During his childhood he was taught and raised to be a diplomat. Entering his teenage years he left Ithor to get hands on experience, he eventually worked alongside a senator on Coruscant providing his services. During his vacation to Dantooine the Sacking of Coruscant occurred killing the senator he worked for. Going for a walk to contemplate his thoughts he heard a whisper and followed it to a ruined building. Entering it he came across a abandoned library and found a pile or holobooks hidden out of sight in a corner of the room. After reading and studying he discovered the abandoned building was once a Jedi temple destroyed centuries ago. After learning enough he suspected the whisper was this "force" he read about he concluded that he might be force sensitive. Leaving with the books he traveled the galaxy trying to learn as much as possible about the Jedi and eventually the Sith. After many months he followed a "feeling" and eventually came across a group of Jedi part of the Ashla Order....