This thread is feel of the Guardians of the Legacy from the Old Republic era. For new members that join in on the Imperial Age that we write in, we encourage you to read the older stories that most members here had the amazing opportunity of writing. This way you can get the feel of how individual writers contribute with their own writing style to progress stories. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This timeline is accurate of how those stories fell into place as more unfolds.

The links below will carry you to the old Guardians of the Legacy website that was abandoned in 2013 when inspiration and mural was at an all time low. The guild members did not come back together again until 2016. From there, we have been together again. Unfortunately losing members but gained new ones, such as yourself, to have fun writing together.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Search for the Kaiburr Crystal

Star Wars Episode 2: Nature of the Darkside

Star Wars Episode 3: Draped in the Shadow

Coruscant City - Scouting Missions 1&2

Night of the Living Tea

Krayt Rendezvous

Reparations for Anaxes

Senators Daughter

Fondor Raided Storage Mission

Sith Assassin

The Thing We Would Rather Forget

Distress Signal

Guarding the Princess

Payment Received

Korriban Tournament of the Sith

Star Wars Episode 4: These Grey Days

Star Wars Episode 5: The Light of the Phalanx

The stories Surviving, Mending, Onboard the Tyrtaeus, Akira Explores the Tyrtaeus all happen roughly at the same time leading into Episode 6: Into the Void.


Onboard the Tyrtaeus  

Akira Explores Tyrtaeus      

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Stepping Through Perdition

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Star Wars Episode 6: Into the Void Prelude


Star Wars Episode 6: Into the Void

The Ruins

Will be posted soon!

Vilak's Step to Knight

Recovering Old Bonds

Crystal's Journey

Will be posted soon!

Council Meeting

Becoming more than a Healer

Inside Akira's Mind...

Loose Ends...

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From the Depths Rising