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The Tyrtaeus

Master Fenoran sat in the empty conference room, finally having sometime to himself after his talk with Pearl. He still tirelessly worked on his datapad. He scrolled through personal logs, ships logs, reports/updates going on in the galaxy as the information came to him. For a moment he paused... setting his datapad to the side. He sighed heavily and brushed his hand through his tendrils as his eyes closed. He needed just a moment to himself. The events over the last two years playing through his mind. So much destruction, life lost...

"We're losing." He said quietly to himself.

If we don't come together now and end this war soon, everything will be lost. He sat for a few moments... "But we're here and we won't let that happen".

Fenoran thought about his conversation with the young Jedi Knight Pearl beforehand.

"Kiflin wants to speak to you." Her voice echoing back to him.

He tapped his hand in his chair. His datapad buzzed. He retrieved it and read the newest updated report. His eyes widened as he read "Accendo... But how?" He was already up and moving before he realized it himself. Finally, some good news, he couldn't help with grin to himself as he started making his way out of the conference room and towards the elevator. How in the force could he survive a planet like that. The elevator eventually stopped and allowed him to exist as he continued his swift pace, he had already sensed his presence and it brought some warmth to his heart.

Fenoran grew closer to the medbay to check on Accendo, but... As he walked, his steps faltered, his brow furrowing... Something was wrong, twisted.... He finally reached the doors, stopping in his tracks as they remained closed in front. He hesitated before pushing the keypad to open them... He looked at the blurry form of the figure that floated in bacta on the far end of the room. A doctor noticed his presence and stepped up to read the patient’s condition. He was... in bad shape to say the least. Even with having a Jedi Healer, it would still take three months of regular treatments to get him back to the field. The comm in his ear chirped, reserved for priority one calls. He stepped off to the side, excusing himself from the doctor. He listened to one of the guards watching over Kiflin as he explained the prisoner's sudden outburst and declaration.

DM Kiflin wrote:
There is a Dark Jedi on this ship, please inform Master Fenoran and Jedi Master Valkus. If you believe that I am lying or I'm trying to get one of you to leave, just send a message to both Jedi via comlink! But do it immediately, he should be within the Medical Bay area...hurry!

"Thank you for the relay. I'll be coming down there in few moments as well to speak to the prisoner." Master Fen acknowledge the information he was given.

"Understood sir."

He signed off from the call and immediately made another to security. "I need two Knights watching Accendo at all times. He will be held in the brig between treatments until we get a better understanding of... what he is. Consider him a danger to himself and others until further notice. Secure any and all weapons from him."

"Yes Master." He heard over the connection.

He disconnected the call, taking one last look at the floating form, Fen turned away with a heavy heart.

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Tyrtaeus Brig

The doors parted, allowing Master Fenoran to enter the holding area. The Knights guarding the meditating prisoner stood straighter has he approached. He stood in front to the cell for a moment as he looked at his old friend. He addressed the guards without looking away.

"Step outside for a moment, I wish to speak to him alone." Master Fen commanded.

The guards hesitated before nodding and walking together to stand guard outside the doors. Once their footsteps faded and the doors closed behind them, the room was quiet.

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Without looking away, he knelt and took a similar meditative stance in front of the cell to be on equal footing with Kiflin.

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"Now. What did you wish to speak about?"

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“Master Fenoran... there are a great number of things that WE should speak about. Both of us share in responsibility for the lives that have been lost for the Jedi Order and countless others these past several years. I have no quarrel with you, or with what is now my current fate. But it would be wise to take advantage of my past experiences so that you can use that information fully and completely. I have first-hand knowledge of Dromund Kaas.”

Sage Master Kiflin from Episode 4: These Grey Days... wrote:

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It would be almost a year now, since Kiflin had first reached Dromund Kass. His ship, the Krayt Rendezvous, had been lost in the deep swamps of Kass. Purposely ignited once underwater, and destroyed, by Jedi Master Viskhawk. Kiflin had mapped the entire area of Kaas City, and Citadel. He gave Jedi Master Dor the only coordinates that would ensure his ship would be capable of landing safely so he wouldn't be seen, and finally so that he could reach Kiflin in the shortest period of time. Scanning carefully, Infrit noticed the coordinates culminated inside of a deep embankment. It basically was a cave just large enough to allow him room for the Seer to set down, but also high enough that it would take Infrit nearly a 200 foot climb to descend.

As for anyone noticing, the drowning power of the Darkside itself, and near zero visibility, and continuous rainfall would do the rest to shield the Jedi Master from being seen. Master Dor headed for the Cave, and prepared for the climb down. Kiflin's meeting location was at least a half mile below the Kaas City, and Infrit would follow the pipeline system otherwise known as the sewer system in the swamp, and jungle until it ran fully underground. It is their that he would immerse himself inside, and continue on to meet up with his fugitive friend. But he needed to hurry by the way Kiflin sounded during their latest transmission, it would appear that the time upon Kass was beginning to take its toll...

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“I spend one year there before Master Infrit rescued me... I survived based off of hiding in the surrounding swamps and jungles outside of the city. However, I did manage to venture into the sewage network, and eventually utilizing my psychometry, I was able to piece together a schematic for the above city.

The Sith Holocron that I took the risk of reading upon the Legacy was what led me to going to Dromund Kaas. The images that it placed in my mind led me to believe that Kaas was where Revan was being held and kept alive. That's why I disobeyed Master Thesist orders. If we have any shot at actually defeating the Emperor, having access to Revan's knowledge would be absolutely essential. So I went to Dromund Kaas was to find Revan. But Revan wasn't on Dromund Kaas...”

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Master Infrit was in shock at what lay before his eyes. What only could be described as an aberration of a beautiful woman, floating right in front of a now fully bearded Dreadlocked Jedi, turned her head and spoke only three words... "HE ISN"T HERE." The aberration smiled slightly, and slowly disappeared. Kiflin sat with flowing tears in his eyes, and his mouth wide open as he tried to fully grasp what had just transpired...

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“It was Meetra, Master Fenoran. The Late Meetra Surik... she... in... spirit form... appeared to both Master Infrit and me to tell us Revan wasn't there. But she also projected in my mind where Revan was being held.”

Sage Master Kiflin Episode 4: These Grey Days... wrote:

Infrit sighed as he turned away from Kiflin, looking forward towards the stars before them. He closed his eyes, leaning his head back into his chair as he pondered his decision. If he took him back now with nothing to show, Kiflin would immediately be branded a traitor and exiled if not worse by Master Thesist. Everything done to this moment would all be for nothing. Infrit removed his goggles, rubbing his weary eyes and returning them in place right afterwards. He sat himself back up in his seat, turning it slightly so he faced Master Kiflin.

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"I will help you Kiflin." Infrit said with a nod. A look of determination on his face.

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"Thank you, my friend." Kiflin said clasping his hand on Infrit shoulder and giving it a firm shake.

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Infrit took a deep breath "So, where exactly is Revan being held then?"

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Kiflin gave Infrit a expressionless gaze "He's being held on a space station located in The Maelstrom."

The cockpit was quiet for a moment as the two masters looked at one another.

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"...The Maelstrom?" He started to say something in protest but stopped himself short, recalling he had already agreed to help him.

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"Time is of the essence, me must leave immediately if we wish to save him. Calling for aid now would take too long and only put us into even more danger of being intercepted" Kiflin pushed.

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Infrit sighed "And how exactly to do you plan to navigate through Nebula? As I recall, it scrambles any ships navi computer that enters it."

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"The force will guide us my friend. I do know we can maintain sublight speed. We just need to use the force in unison to guide us."

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Infrit steepled his hands across his abdomen, holding a fixed gaze upon the young master. "If there's no time to wait, can you be ready for when the time comes?" he asked looking to Kiflin.

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"Yes, the journey there should give me plenty of time to recuperate."

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Infrit nodded "Good. There's food and water in the cargo hold, help yourself. You might wanna take another shower while you're at it. I have a feeling you could use another one."

Kiflin looked questionably at Infrit but decided not to argue with the old master. He heeded his advice, going off to recover his strength. Infrit keyed in the coordinates for the Maelstrom Nebula, noting it would take them several days according to the navi computer. He plotted a multi jump to shake off any possible pursers. Finishing, he pushed the throttle forward, sending the Seer into hyperspace towards The Maelstrom and whatever else that awaited them....

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“So, both Master Infrit and I went to find and free Revan. I, however, was shot and captured by Lord Scourge, Wrath of the Emperor, but I believe that Master Infrit was successful in freeing Revan. The only reason why I believe this is because of a conversation I overheard Lord Scourge have with Infrit...”

Sage Kiflin Episode 4: These Grey Days wrote:

Exiting the Maelstrom, The Seer's droid Mix began to prep the ship for the jump to lightspeed when a large ship, resembling a Sith Cruiser had parked itself, right outside the nebula. It had evidently been warned ahead of time about the visitors inside the hiding place personally designated by the Emperor himself. The Veer was hailed, and because there was no need of not excepting communications inside of the Nebula, the hail immediately was accepted and put on screen by the droid...

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“Revan, I know you are there. Ah... I see you still bare the marks from your failure in the Emperors Throne room. I hope you are not still upset by what I did to your beloved Meetra.”

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“How can…you bastard...” Revan questioned as he builds the force up within himself, “don't think for one moment that you are safe inside that ship! I made the mistake in trusting you... had I not done so Meetra would have still lived... but that doesn't mean that I cannot correct that mistake now. It doesn't matter how you still live; it won't be for long.”

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“Wait! It would seem that the Emperor has taken care of both of us, throughout the course of time. And I know that you may think I am a traitor, but I knew the truth before we even stepped foot inside the emperors chamber I had a vision! And it told me that we would all perish. It was your destiny to fail, and I knew you wouldn't listen, so I did what had to be done!”

Mending... MVZy9Wm

“Yes, you killed the only person that stood by my side through it all. She didn't deserve to die that way... but you will deserve what I'm going to bless your kriffing head with!”

Mending... 6vl3H6q

“I'm here for three reasons. One, I could have killed you both, seconds ago, and I wanted you both to know that. Second, I still believe that the Emperor will fall. Over the years I have had that same vision, over and over, and it has never changed. He can be defeated, and it will be me that stands with the Champion that annihilates him...

I have come to tell you both that Emperor is planning something big, something he hasn't done in centuries...

And he may have already completed it.

I won't go back until I have a force strong enough to crush him, he will not do to me, what he has done to billions of others... I have sent you both my frequency. It is encrypted. I will continue to probe using the resources that I have gathered over time. Know Revan that I may have took Meetra's life, but right now, it was your life that I chose to save...”

Lord Scourges Cruiser adjusts it's stern and jumps into lightspeed. Not a second later the Seer does the same...

Mending... FLj8oJ9

“Now I know what I may have told you may seem far-fetched. But I also know that you can tell whether or not I am lying. And whether or not I am using Force Barrier to protect my thoughts from being read. Without Revan's assistance, we would be walking into a fight with the Emperor completely unprepared. He is the ultimate key to defeating the Emperor. This is the truth, Master Fenoran. And there is one more thing I wish to tell you before you leave. I thought about why Meetra, would wait after an entire year to tell me that Revan wasn't on Dromund Kaas. She wanted me to learn something even more important. And after a years’ time, I actually did...”

Mending... CKGyGIN

"Now I know where HE is..."

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