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The Tyrtaeus

Being on that crazed planet of Delaya she was sent to with her Master was insane. The Echani probably had an idea that the council didn't have knowledge of what it was like down there. Or they would have sent her, Master Accendo, and Padawan John Marr down there a lot more prepared than what they were. In all of the time trying to stay alive, she didn't get a sample of what turned those people into the flesh eating monsters that they are now.

After being granted the title Jedi Knight by Master Valkus, Pearl decided to head to a room that she now occupies that has a refresher. Staring into the mirror noticing the ashen color of her skin; the dullness of the eyes to a grey instead of silver. Can't even close her eyes without hearing the deafening roar, the gnashing teeth, and the desperation of wanting to tear into her insides. This couldn't have been the only time that something like that has happened...

She takes everything off of her person, the medpacks, her personal datapad, the glow rods, and most importantly, her snowflake decorated lightsaber that kept her safe the entire time. Placing it close to the shower in case she needed it, feeling like it's a security blanket. Stripping the tattered clothes off after turning the water to it's almost hottest setting, putting in a request for a new set of robes into a datapad, and stepping into the water. Pearl Fenni doesn't even know what happened to Padawan John Marr. She can only assume he died on the planet after failing to land in the secure zone. Hopefully his death was a quick one. Scrubbing her skin of all the sweat down the drain from training. Master Valkus invited, now Jedi Knight, Pearl to speak with Master Kiflin. It has been a while since she has seen the Kiffar, he trained her a lot since her own Master did not even try to take the time to do so. If anything, Master Accendo almost got her killed time and time again. Even if he did hurt himself to save her the one time on a mission, only to turn around and slip into some trance to kill her on Delaya. The monsters frightened her more than he did.

Quickly shutting the water off as it reminded her of the short time in the tank. It is time to take up on Valkus's invite and speak to Kiflin. She needed to talk to him. To get his advice on what to do next...

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After dawning on some new robes and fixing her hair back into a long braid, Pearl Fenni leaves her room to find Master Valkus. Abandoning on what she was going to previously do.

She stops a droid along the way, "Excuse me, the little girls and the named Arik. Can you please inform them that Pearl Fenni will come see them soon? Please make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable.”

“I will make sure, Jedi Knight.” The droid responded before going about it’s way.

“Thank you." She continues her way to be able to talk to Kiflin.

She finds the aging human with white hair like her own. His back tall and waiting on her, "Master Valkus, can we please go talk to Master Kif in the brig now?"

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"Sure, it's time I had a talk with him as well." He replies as he stands and quickly pivots towards the door, his long robes twirling around him. Turning back to glance at Pearl he says, "Things should be different. So many Jedi lives were lost."

'What does he mean by Jedi lives lost? What happened to the GOL ship while I was on the planet?' Pearl thought to herself, also making a mental note of making sure to find out. Anything else that needs to be done will probably be given to her by Master Kif.

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Continuing past Jedi Guardians and down the turbo-lift, he waits till Jedi Knight Pearl enters and states he deck and his security number. The CPU authenticates his voice, and a beam agrees with his retinal scan. Doors slide open and more Jedi security awaits. Nodding slightly, they allow both Jedi Master Valkus and Jedi Knight Pearl to pass. One Jedi strides to meet them.

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"Halt, state your business." He says to both.

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Valkus answers him, "I am Jedi Master Valkus here to see our prisoner. This is Jedi Knight Pearl." Pearl waves hello at the Jedi Guardian.

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"Okay, hmm...Master Valkus. Alright, but only one in at a time."

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Valkus strokes his chin, "Pearl, go ahead. I will wait for you then I will converse with him."

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Pearl gives a short bow to Valkus, "Thank you so much, Master." Valkus bows back to her before she enters the room ahead.

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In the brig, it is transparsteel, duracaste, and unpleasant with grey all around. Master Kiflin is behind floor to ceiling electrobeams, facing away from the door in a meditative position.

"Master Kiflin? It's Pearl Fenni, I was wondering if I can talk with you." She asks as she pads over quietly sitting down in front of him. "I'm sorry I didn't bring tea with me. I don't think the Guardians would have allowed me to bring it in."

Kiflin's eyes open slowly and the look of puzzlement washes over his face.

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"Hey Pearl! What are you doing here? Tea would be lovely, my dear. But yeah, they wouldn't permit it. They know I love it." He says as he fully around to face the Jedi Knight. His dreads have grown much longer than the last time she had seen him, and they cover his face.

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She gently smiles, "I came to see you. Master Valkus brought me down here. He's to speak to you next. I rescued him off the planet Delaya. There were some unpleasant creatures down there. An apocalypse as he called it. Normal people turning into monsters through bite or scratch. Incredibly strong and fast. I still haven't processed everything from down there. Master Accendo and Padawan John Marr was with me, neither of them survived I believe. Hopefully I will be wrong on their deaths. Why are you here Master?"

Shaking his dreads free from his face, the Kiffarian looks with penetrating eyes towards the Jedi Knight.

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"I'm here because I broke a rule, Pearl. I made the choice to go after Revan. I had a vision...of the slain Jedi Knight Meetra Surik. I used my power of Psychometry to search for the whereabouts of Revan upon Drummad Kass. However, Revan wasn't there. Infrit rescued me and together we found Revan and freed him. Grand Master Thesis however wanted me to remain upon the GOL Station. I disobeyed him, and because of that I am here. I never would have left the station, if I had known that it would have been destroyed. What happened to Xavier? What changed him?" I think Kif right there at the end got lost in thought of his own.

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Hearing the names Revan and Meetra, Pearl was floored. Kif met the actual Revan? "Wha- wait, The Revan? You freed The Revan?" It was going to take her a moment to process that thought on a different time. "Grand Master Thesis wanted you to stay behind and get blown up on the GOL station? Honestly, if I was in your boots, I would have gone to free Revan too. As I see it, you came to two difficult paths, even if you didn't know of the other. Master Xavier was a fully trained Jedi Master. As to what happened exactly on the ship, I'm afraid only Xavier, Fen, and Infrit would know. Perhaps even Errend. Though no one knows what happened to the Grey Jedi." The thoughts of the grey one warmed her heart a bit.

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Kiflin blinking fast shaking his head, "I was told Xavier blew up the station. That he was responsible for its destruction, and the lives lost as well. That station was a gift from the Senator up Fondor. It was a symbol of our trust and bond. Now it's gone, and Fondor with it. I also heard about Emry's death. Everything fell apart when I left, I will never leave you all again." Kif chuckles before turning to face Jedi Knight Pearl Fenni while smiling coyly before continuing, "This brig will definitely help me with that promise...Where is Master Thesist? I need to speak with him. Maybe I can talk sense into him as well."

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Pearl took a deep breath before saying anything, "I'm not sure what happened on the station. It was all after my group left to go down planet side. I heard whispers that Grand Master Thesis is dead too. That Xavier had a hand in his death. Master Kiflin, you need to be freed of this brig. Is there anyone I can argue or speak with to get you out of here?"

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Kiflin wrinkles his face as he stands up quickly placing his hand on the wall of the ship and closes his eyes. "I will find out everything I need to know from this ship." Kif stops, "Wait...did you say that Master Valkus is here?"

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"Yes, I told you earlier. I saved Master Valkus from Delaya. He was trying to find some answers to a celestial thing down there. I didn't exactly question him on it as we needed to get off planet. He's actually going to come in next after I leave." I answer him going to stand up to continue to speak with him a bit longer.

Onboard the Tyrtaeus... ETeokhE

Kiflin sighs and nods, "Okay, listen carefully need to train and prepare yourself. We all must be prepared... Soon we will have to face the emperor. I have learned much about him since I stayed upon Dromund Kaas for over a year. I can help you prepare, but he will be the most dangerous adversary we will have ever faced. Try and ask Master Fen to come see me; tell him it is urgent that I speak with him. But we must try and locate Revan, before we go after the emperor. In the meantime, please try and find out through the holonet where Revan was last spotted."

Onboard the Tyrtaeus... EqQQ8mc

Pearl nods back to Kiflin listening very carefully as to what Kiflin had to saying. "I do not know where Revan is, but I will find out for you. As soon as I hear anything, I will come directly to you. I promise to train. I will speak to Master Fen directly getting out of here. The creatures I told you about earlier. I don't think that was the first time of them being seen, and I highly doubt it will be the last time either unless the planet is destroyed before an infected person can make it off planet."

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Kiflin reaches for her but stops short of the electrobeams. "Thank you for visiting me, Pearl. I really appreciate it. What happened to Accendo on Delaya? Did the creatures get him? Did he help you accomplish saving Master Valkus?" Kiflin looks curious as he awaits her answer.

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"We'll get you out of there Master Kiflin. I don't think you made the wrong choice. I honestly don't know what happened to Master Accendo, but he did save us. He bought us time to get in the tank with survivors and get away. He might still be alive down there. But he did also try to attack me earlier, I think that was a dark moment relapsed. But in the end, he did save us."

Onboard the Tyrtaeus... FLj8oJ9

Master Kiflin looked alarmed for a second, "What the hell? He attacked you? But that makes no sense! If it was that dangerous there, it would be no need for testing you in such an environment. Let’s focus on one thing at a time. Attend to your research and learn what you can, if you can convince Master Fen to come down, please do. I will try my luck with Master Valkus. Thank you again, Pearl." Kiflin lowers his head and bows long to Pearl.

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Pearl returns the long bow to Kiflin, honestly feeling a lot better speaking to him. "I will do as asked. I will let you know as soon as I find out something. I'll go so you can talk with Valkus. Next time I will try to smuggle tea in for you." She says to him smiling. Kiflin winks at Pearl and smiles big. The Echani bows again to the Master before leaving the room. Standing at the door waiting for it to open to leave, she turns to Kif once more to give a gentle smile.

(Conversation with Kiflin was indeed carried out with Kiflin.)

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"Alright, now that I am done with Master Kiflin. I need to talk to Master Fenoran like promised. If I was the captain of the ship, I would be on the command bridge for a long period of the time. So, I guess I will be asking directions to there then." Pearl says out loud to herself.

She didn't want to ask the Jedi Guardians for their personality really didn't give off an aura of being friendly. Especially the way they carried their selves, but that was part of their job so she couldn't really be that upset about it. Their job is to guard Kiflin from everyone, but Master Kiflin didn't need that. Right now, the Jedi Order needed him. Hopefully she could get Master Fen to see that way. Stopping every few hallways and getting off at the wrong levels. Pearl asked a couple of droids and a jedi which way she needed to go.

'This place really needs to come with a map. Even if I have been here for a while...' As her thoughts try to not run rampant at the different possibilities this could go, trusting the force was the only thing left.

Stopping short in a hallway with a flash of a map coming across her mind, 'This is for you and Akira, so you don't lose your ways...’ as Master Kiflin's voice comes to her mind with a chuckle at the end.

'Thank you so much, Master Kiflin! You know I don't have a good sense of direction.' Smiling as she knows where she is going now. Pearl strides up to the Command bridge where Master Fen is at. Coming onto the bridge she see's Master Fenoran leaned over speaking to an assistant.

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Pearl Fenni runs up to the command deck out of breath. "Master Fen! I need to speak with you!" she says in between breaths.

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Master Fenoran is leaned in close to an assistant Ensign, collaborating on a datapad. He hears his name and notices the knights presence. He gives a quick nod to him before waving him off to address his new visitor. He gives a slight bow to the newly recognized Knight. "Ah Pearl, it is good to see you. For what do I owe the sudden visit?"

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Pearl bows back to the Master while catching her breath, "Master Fen, I was wondering if I could speak to you in private if that is okay."

He straightens up, "Of course. Follow me. There's a private comms room we can talk in." He turns to walk towards a smaller door on the bridge. Once inside, he seals the door behind them and turns to address Pearl.

"Alright, hear me out, what if you let Kif out of the brig? His choice of setting Revan free was shown to him through one of his visions. If he wasn't meant to see it, then why would he have if the force didn't guide him that way? Master Kif did say he urgently needs to speak with you. The sooner the better."

Fenoran let out a heavy sigh, his tense shoulders easing some. "I don't know if I can let Master Kiflin out... after everything that has happened up till now... I can however, go down and see him."

"But what if we need his help with the biggest problem that the entire Jedi is ever going to face?" She says in hopes that Fen will see from her view, but something was about to tell her she was in the wrong in a way. 'Probably should have phrased that better...'

He looked directly into Pearls eyes, with his own piercing gaze. "What do you mean by that, exactly?"

"Such as facing the emperor? With everything going on. It makes sense. We lost Master Xavier. Master Infrit is somewhere. Errend is also missing in action. Master Accendo probably died on Delaya, along with Padawan John Marr. Do I really have to keep going? We've lost a lot of lives recently." She tried to explain to him. They needed everyone that they could get.

"One of our problems, Pearl, is we do not know where the emperor is. We cannot fight and defeat a foe we do not know the location of. Does Kiflin KNOW where he is?" Fenoran says in his official tone.

Feeling like shrinking back a bit, she continues anyway, "I think that's something you might want to talk to him with that is urgent to do."

"Okay, I'll at least go see him. Can make no promise on releasing him, but I'll speak to him." Master says giving a promise in his voice.

"Thank you, Master Fen. I promised to do some training with Akira." Pearl says to him with a gentle smile.

"Of course. You must be prepared for what awaits you. I won't keep you." Fenoran bowed to her.

Pearl Fenni returns the bow back to him before leaving, "Thank you so much, Master Fen."

(Conversation was carried out as Kif being Master Fen)

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Feeling a bit defeated with the conversation with Master Fen, she left the private Comms room and leaving Fen back to his important work. She needed a break from everything for a minute. She knows she told Akira that they will train together and soon. Pearl promises that she will find Akira after she gets her head space back together as she wonders around coming short to the med bay.

Upon entering, Pearl could feel the waves of pain of everyone in there. Many injured from the station explosion and the battle that happened here in space so long ago. Also, from the maintenance around the ship as well. There were just two long rows of everyone in some bad shape or a horrible one. She knew her talents can be use here, but she needed to find the person in charge to get permission first. She sees an official lady typing away on her datapad after getting done with a patient.

"Excuse me Ma'am, my name is Pearl Fenni, I'm a Jedi Knight healer. I was wondering if I could assist here in the med bay." I say to her softly with a bit of a smile.

"We can always use the help. My name is Myrka. There is a total of three teams here that changes out. We just gotten started. There is a total of 15 doctors and 40 nurses all together. We're filled almost to capacity here. A lot of these men and women have been in battle several times over. Some of them didn't get the chance to fully heal before being sent back out again." She explains while checking on a soldier's wounds that she uncovered with reddish gauze to change it.

"Why isn't there any force healers here?" I ask her while holding my hands about the soldiers’ wounds, focusing on them, in my mind’s eye. Stitching the wound close from the bottom up, helping the muscle stitch back together like a needle to cloth, building up till it reaches the skin. Weaving pinkish skin together from a now non-existent wound. "I can heal some wounds, but not all. I'm afraid I'm not a master at healing yet, but I'm aiming to get better so I can help people like here." I tell her.

"There are a few with wounds like this. It would honestly be a great deal to help. Others are being operated on, while others are in bacta tanks with extensive injuries that we cannot tend to. As for the force healers? They all perished on the planet Tython..." She explains while updating the man before us medical records in her datapad to input on the computer soon.

"Alright, I'll try to help out till I can't anymore." I tell her before I keep going to the next injured person. I honestly plan on going till I stop from exhaustion...

descriptionOnboard the Tyrtaeus... EmptySecond half of 'Surviving...' runs along side of this...

The Echani just got done healing another person and sat down next to the woman who previously had shrapnel wounds needing a break. Rubbing her face fighting off the exhaustion so she could keep going. She felt a brush of a presence that hadn't been felt in a year. The person being her former Master Accendo who she believed had passed onto the force. Though for a moment she felt him, his aura felt tainted and twisted like in the moment he attacked her.

Then like that, it was gone... 'Am I that exhausted? Or was that real?' She gets up from her chair as the lead medical lady Myrka was looking up from her data pad as a voice over the ceiling speaker announces, "I need a team assembled to go down to the hanger bay STAT."

I look over at her, "Do you mind if I come with you? I need to see if it's who I am thinking that it is."

"No, I don't mind. If anything, you are needed since you've helped so much as it is."

Pearl Fenni leaves with her and a team of five people and a medical Droid rushing down to the hanger bay. 'There is no mistaking it now...It is Master Accendo...'

The team goes down quickly in a rush, and I mindlessly follow behind, in the next blink of an eye being where we needed to; there he was in his full suit that is helping him live. He was being helped by the medical team as they started accessing him along the way back to the medbay. One full year passed, how in the force did he survive? How did the creatures allow him to live? He was mostly machine now, but still this is a feat that no one else could have possibly had done. But having him back does bring more hope back to their side of the fight if she could get him fully healed.

Walking into the medbay, Pearl starts to prepare a bacta tank for her former Master. His injuries are extensive from being malnourished to being in constant pain. How he wasn't going crazy from it all was beyond her. That moment in time flashes in her mind of him attacking her in Delaya and then gone in an instant. Knowing Master Fen and Master Kiflin would want Master Accendo restrained somehow, but giving the current shape he's in. She doubted that he could do real harm to hardly any of them.

Even if there was a saber fight in this instant, she would more than likely have the upper hand. He might need limb replacement at some point. Though she has no idea what he is capable of, they never really got in a situation to where he would use force abilities. They never formally trained. At that point, could Pearl really call him her Master? Shrugging the trainless thoughts aside with an exhausted heave, she turns back to the medical team as they prepare for Accendo to go into the prepared bacta tank.

I didn't know that I was staring at Master Accendo till he spoke, his voice rough like gravel and straining to speak, "Either spit it out or wait." He looked to be in extreme pain. The council should have allowed him more time to heal before going down to Delaya.

I found my voice started speaking before the thoughts even registered fully, "I thought you were dead..." as my memory swirled to leaving him behind in the tank before continuing, "you were surrounded by those creatures. How did you survive that entire time down there alone?" I asked him. Even though his voice maybe had a hint of anger or accusation in it, I didn't blame him. I didn't fight to go back to find him or even his remains if there were any left. She wasn't sure when they were saved.

Before they had more of a chance to continue to speak, Myrka spoke up looking like Accendo is an urgent they get him into the tank look on her face, "Sorry to say Jedi Knight. But he will need to be assessed and needs rest. The two of you can speak later."

I nodded to her, and heard Accendo speak up once more, "In a sense I wasn't and I was...She's right, we will talk later. I need time to recover and to find someone to report to." His voice sounded off in the distance, cold, as if remembering.

Pearl Fenni turns her back to go check on someone from earlier, she uses telepathy to speak with Accendo one last time before they loaded him into the tank, 'Master Kiflin is in the brig if you wish to speak to him. I'm trying to argue on his behalf to get out.'

I didn't wait for a reaction or even words coming from him. I noticed they had strip him of his weapons and other effects. I see his lightsaber, debating on whether to take it to hide on my person. If someone else noticed the twisted tainted aura coming from him earlier, they might confiscate the saber to never be seen again.

If she were to take it, it might mean trouble for her later. But for now, the echani needed to rest. Exhausted from healing and tired from staying up a couple days already. Keeping her mind busy wasn't hard. She felt Accendo's body lax as he fell into a deep sleep. Sleep is what she planned on doing as well. Looking to Myrka, "I'm going to take a break. I'll be back once I'm ready to go again." Pearl leaves without waiting for a response and goes to the room that is hers to go into a dreamless sleep.

(Conversation was carried out with Accendo)

descriptionOnboard the Tyrtaeus... EmptyThis post runs alongside of 'Surviving...'

'The planet belonging to the dead is right...there is no reason to go back there at all.’ Pearl Fenni thought to herself crossing her arms over her body.

It was something she had been thinking about for a while now. Coming into the medbay she cleared her mind so if she needed to speak to Accendo she could do so without overloading him with her thoughts. Speaking with the doctor before going over to the bacta tank where Accendo is placed for the time being again. Lifting her hands Pearl idly has her hands on the bacta tank concentrating on healing her former Master with her eyes closed. Focusing on stitching his wounds closed and rebuilding others. His body took a beating that is for sure. Hopefully between the two of them, they can get him back into top shape. Or close as possible. The doctor did say it was still taken close to three months to do so if they kept up the pace. Maybe shorter.

The doors to the medbay opened, allowing Fenoran to step inside. Spotting Pearl concentrating on the tank, he took several strides towards her before stopping. He gave her space to allow her to heal the wounded Accendo. He was quiet for a minute before he spoke, "How is he?"

"Still badly injured from spending a year alone. Still injured from the crash before that three years ago. We're only less than a week into the process. Three days in the bacta tank with him using Art of small and healing trance and me on the outside healing him in general. Should take about three months if we keep up the pace." She answered him in a tired voice. Pearl has been healing Accendo and helping with others in the medbay for a while.

Fenoran nodded to himself. ".... do... do you sense it too?" Referring to Accendo's dark aura from who knows how long ago. Time aboard a ship has no passage of time at all.

"I do, but it doesn't bother me like it probably does everyone else. You probably forgotten that I was attacked by him on Delaya. I was more worried about the flesh-eating creatures than I was him. Besides, if you're that worried, you can put him in a cell during the rest time of healing with Kiflin in the brig. Or shoot him out the airlock or kill him here with poison injected into the tank. But, given the chance, his aura could change for the better. Understanding where he's been at on the planet, I've decided to give him a chance." Pearl's voice was laced with accusation of being left on the planet by the very master who left them there.

"Pearl...I don't want to hurt him, but if he attacked you, he does have to answer for that. He will have to stay in the brig until we have a better understanding of what's going on with him. That's for our safety as well as his." Fen said to her with a hint of concern in his voice. He wasn't exactly innocent himself according to the whispers on board the ship recently.

Accendo senses the presence of Master Fenoran approach and began shifting from his usage of Art of the Small to that of Force Listening to hear more clearly. At those words he nods in agreement before reaching out to Fenoran and Pearl, projecting to both of them. "He's right, it’s safer for everyone until I can leave, if the council, or what remains of it, allows me to."

"Master Fen, that's up to you and what whoever else like Accendo just said. I had a half of mind of leaving the order myself after getting back. A year of being down there and contact from anyone on the station? We already lost so many due to the destruction. I'm glad me, Valkus, and Accendo came back at all." Pearl says with a bit of haste in her voice.

"I'm glad you all managed to come back. Like you said, we've lost so much now. We must come together or all will truly be lost." Master Fen had said without missing a beat.

"Then why not pardon Kiflin of his crime and let him out? Can't battle enemies and hold friends in the brig at the same time." Pearl says trying to get the point across with Master Fen as she had tried before in a previous conversation.

Accendo looks through the glass of the tank to Fenoran's distorted image. "While Kiflin's issue is separate from my own, I do not know if I am capable of remaining a Jedi. I haven't considered myself one for just under a year now."

"Kiflin and I are still in talks. He may be released, but I can't make any promises." Fenoran addressed the floating form "Yes, your circumstances are different. I can't blame you for doing what you had to while on a planet like that... but it matters what you plan to do now and in the future."

There is a long pause as Accendo considers his words but then his mind reaches out again, as if a bit more confident this time. "I do not know if I am to be a Jedi. But I do know that I have the ability to hurt many people. I know that this is why you will hold me. I do not mind. I know that unless I can find my own peace, a prisoner is what I will become in the end. I do not wish to harm anyone aboard this ship, even those I might have grievance with."

"Well, you're not going anywhere till you are 100% ready to go." Pearl tells Accendo as her glowing hands are still on the tank stitching and building Accendo’s wounds closed. Fixing and rebuilding muscles that were previously damaged. They will got a ways to go, but the progress is going smoothly.

Master Fen looks over to Accendo, "Thank you. For understanding. For now, you will be held in the brig when not receiving treatment. Take the time you need to make that peace Accendo."

"And if I need to leave to find it?" He asked, though he suspected he knew the answer.

Fenoran took a moment to himself before he spoke. "If you truly want to leave, you will have to be cut off from the force. You've shown hostility before, when you attacked Pearl. I can't let you go in good conscious considering your knowledge and experience with the force."

'Just like Master Xavier...' Pearl thought to herself.

A small cloud of bubbles escapes the mask before being followed by more as Pearl see Accendo’s body shutter in the tank. At first it seems like he was having a seizure, but his vitals only show an increased heart rate. After a moment it’s clear that he was laughing. "Of course, I showed hostility, we are at war. What matters is who it is directed towards, yes, but surely hostility is expected every now and again. Yet she lives. I even helped her to escape from that hell. If I wanted her dead, do you not think I would have kept trying? Was there a chance for both of us to escape, yes. Yet I didn't take it. Instead, I chose to leave myself behind for what I did. I chose an exile in hell. I only left that exile because I was given a task," Accendo turns his head to look in the direction of Pearl. "And now I have completed it."

"I also forgave him for the attack. That was a between me and him ordeal honestly. On top of already saying I wasn't afraid of him at all, if anyone bothered to check on us, they would have known a lot sooner of what was going on. If he is given a way off of the ship after being healed and possibly cut off from the force." Heavily sighing tired of the conversation, "Then okay. That would be the will of the force. But we're all taking things too slow and not focusing on what is more important, banding together, forgiving each other, training for the darkness ahead, and deal with the aftermath there. After that, I might take a vacation from everyone."

"Then we're done for now. I need to check on some other things... Accendo, take what time you need here." Fenoran and left the room. The two knights that stood guard outside the doors, returned to stand inside the medbay.

(The conversation carried out was with Accendo and Kiflin being Master Fen)

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The work between Pearl and Accendo went well for hours at a time. Sometimes they would converse and other times it was just focusing on healing his body. They've repaired his internal organs good as new despite the inhalation damage from the fire and smoke from the crash years ago. Some of his other limbs are healing just great too. Such as his fingers and feet that suffered from being down on Delaya. He won't ever look like he did before, but his body will be a lot more functional and hopefully in a lot less pain when the two of them were done with the treatments.

The lights around them dimmed and came back on sometime later, meaning they have been working through most of the night. Pearl knew she was going to be tired later, needed to send an encrypted message to her brother Galen, and get some food in the mess hall. Hopefully meet up with someone on the ship like Akira. Maybe they can go visit Master Kiflin together. She still needed to pass on the message to him from Accendo. Hopefully everyone can chill out a bit. So much tension between people since the last big mission.

The Echani stumbles back a bit lowering her hands from the bacta tank. It was day three of treatments, just like Master Fen had said he will go to the brig. That would be later today when the bacta tank will be drained.

Pearl reached out to his mind, 'I think we did all we could for now. I'll see you later in the brig when they bring you down. I'm going to see Master Kif later too.'

She didn't wait for a reply before walking away from him and pulling out her datapad to input the new medical information on his status of healing. She had been keeping up with that on her own. If someone wanted information on him, they could ask her. Who could she honestly trust on board right now?

There is Akira, Kiflin, Fen at times, Vilak even if he was new, Accendo as they continue to talk more and more, and quite honestly that was it. Master Valkus has been blowing Pearl off for training time and hasn't been replying back to her communications at all. She hadn't seen him face to face since the day he granted her Jedi Knight status. Pearl swiped a computer spike with ease from the medlab and pocketing it. Never know when you might need one.

Going to the library to use a computer there, Pearl Fenni sits down at a computer logging on. Encrypting her message to her brother she writes,

Hopefully I can hop off board the Tyraeus soon to come visit. I honestly can't wait to see you and how everything is going in the village. Keep the fridge stocked for me.
Love your newly Knighted sister.

Sending the message to him and logging off. There hadn't been any reports of Revan on the holonet to report back. I guess nothing was going on or everyone was focused on something different in the galaxy. Feeling her stomach growl a bit reminding she hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon; it was just barely noon on the ship and lunch time.

Getting up to go to the mess hall to get food. She wondered if she spoke with Fen later, if she could get a ship to go somewhere to relax such as a hot spring naked. Sipping on mojitos. Not worried about the fractured jedi order or anything else that could go wrong. Maybe Zeltron the party planet at some point? The force knew she needed a decent vacation, maybe starting tomorrow if nothing goes wrong...

(Events after this lead into Akira Exploring the Tyrateous and into Episode 6: Into the Void)
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