Jedi Master Sage -  Archiux Sable Fa363faa80664a8a5283d4104b816d78_1649926197


HOME LAND: Alderaan

COMBAT FORM: Form III: Soresu, Form V Djem So (both mastered)

LIGHTSABER COLOR AND CRYSTAL: Adegan crystal (Pontite) blue

JEDI CLASS: Consular

RANK: Jedi Master (Sage Master)

FAMILY: Mom still lives in the country side of Alderann, and my two brothers are off doing their adventures through life.

PERSONALITY: Archiux is a very calm person that has patients with anything he comes by. Believes in peace before combat, if its a war. Meditates deeply when he is free, honors his masters and order. Bows to everyone to show a sign of respect. He is also wise beyond his years.

NOTABLE PHYSICAL FEATURES: Able to just glare into the person to find more about them. He is able to heal cuts if he meditates.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION AS A WHOLE CHARACTER: He is tall but thin, hes mildly buff. His face looks like he is very wise and always pondering. He also agile.

EARLY LIFE: Was born on the countryside of Alderaan. My dad was a wise man, but died when I was 9 from Hepatitis C (real). Three years after that a wise man came through the town he looked like a Jedi knight was unknown and did not say his name. He saw that I had a lot of Midi- in me and started to teach me the ways of the force. The Jedi told me that it would be a good idea to go with him to Tython when I was 12. My mom was ok with me leaving though she was very sad like any other mom. We took a republic ship to tython but our ship was attacked on our way. They took over the ship and right when I was trying to find this unknown Jedi. The Jedi died right in front of me. A Jedi Master pulled me and took us to an escape pod to fly down to Tython. In the pod he said he was Master Ribess Nettoc a thin, but strong in minded master. He took me to The Jedi Order where Grandmaster Morelann had me become a padawan of Master Ribess.

RECENT LIFE: After Leaving the Order, the refugee's slowly worked together to form the Order of the Ashla. Being knighted a few days after the formation. He has learned the way of teleporting but not that far. Archiux is ready to face any adventures and challenges on the way. He is now a master of the Ashla and part of the council.

SKILLS AND PERSONAL ABILITIES: He is not as skilled as most Jedi Guardians in lightsaber combat but close. He is a Consular so he shows more skill in his force abilities then anything else. He is an amazing skilled pilot, and loves doing it. Has learned the ways of teleport and is very strong with this ability. He is very agile as well. Has great healing powers for himself and others.


Force wave (Mastered)
Force slam (Mastered)
Push (Mastery)
Pull (Mastery)
Jump (Adept)
Speed (Adept)
breath control (Mastered)
force protection (Mastered)
Comprehend Speech (Mastered)
Benevolence (force heal) (Mastered)
force deflection (Mastered)
Mind Maze "force stun" (swtor spell/ CC) (Mastered)
Meditation (swtor spell/ self heal) (Mastered)
force absorb (Mastered)
Wall of light (with channel help from all of the Council) (Mastered)

Master Archiux's Mission Log
book of sojourn
book of tricks
book of stars
field trip
mission to kamino
unknown name but traveled to mining field and a capital on a planet thats in war with civilians.
Search for the Kaiburr Crystal Part 1

Master Archiux's Duel List
Knight Kiflin = draw (postpones)
Knight Kiflin = lost (Kiflin won by using Form: Niman X)

Lightsaber Skill Level - 9