Padawan Rocca Kitwarr CM0fLiv

Name : Rocca Kitwarr

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: Unknown???

Eyes: Black

Hair: Brown

Skin: Fury

Age: 39

Species: WOOKIE

Home Planet: Kashyyyk

Class: Padawan

Path: Jedi

Relatives: Unknown???

Notable Physical Features: Easy going but fiercely protective of the Padawan Group since her master was killed.

Personality: Makes frequent jokes, but knows when to concentrate when needed.

Force Sensitivity: ((Strong))

Physical Description of Character: Short and very young for a wookie, Rocca is very much a mother when it comes to protecting the Padawans. She has bruises from using her body to protect the other Padawans from falling debris while they were in the Jedi Temple during the Sith Invasion..

Early Life: (Back-story) Unknown