Padawan Caras Dorel Rio_mt10

Name: Caras Dorrel

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Skin: Grey

Age: 15

Species: Ardennian

Home Planet: Kowak

Class: Jedi

Path: Sentinel

Relatives: None

Notable Physical Features: 4 arms, 2 feet with prehensile toes

Personality: Gregarious, cheerful, Attention shifts between interests rapidly.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Physical Description of Character: A hunched figure coming up to hip height on averaged sized humanoids, has 6 limbs each ending in hands, 2 of which he uses as feet. Agile and quite dexterous as with most of his species.

Early Life: Growing up in an orphanage due to the war that had been raging across the galaxy for his entire life, he had been separated from his parents almost since birth. Since he never really knew them more than the vague impressions he has in his memory. While it did bother him not knowing who they were or where he came from, there wasn't much he could do about it so he focused on those around him. Particularly the other kids of the orphanage, protecting the weaker ones from those stronger and angrier kids. With his natural speed and extra limbs, he was able to make sure no one got hurt to seriously but he did get a reputation in the orphanage for being a trouble maker among its caretakers. After a few years there he got into an incident that got him kicked out of the orphanage when one of the kids fell from a tree and broke their arm, unfortunately when Caras went to save them from the fall he stumbled and fell onto the branch that the kid was on. When the caretaker in charge at the time saw this they thought he had pushed the kid from the tree and threw Caras out. It wasn't long living on the streets that Caras learned how to steal in order to survive, but one day he tried to steal from what he first thought to be some farmer. It wasn't until this farmer knocked him back without touching him that he realized what he was. Instead of running away Caras proceeded to follow him around and ask him questions, to the point that the seemingly endless questions seemed to annoy the Jedi. It wasn't until he went to smack one of Caras's hands away that he began to suspect the boy of having a deeper connection to the Force due to how quickly he moved. It was then that he decided to test him, in the form of games with the boy to determine the depth of that connection. After several months with the Jedi, Caras was surprised when he offered to take him with him to train as a Jedi, but took the offer.