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TRADE ROUTE: Corellian Run, Metellos Trade Route, Perlemian Trade Route, Nexus Route

IMPORTS: Unknown

EXPORTS: Unknown



"The HIGH JEDI COUNCIL of Tython were the leaders of the entire JEDI ORDER. Grandmaster Satile Shan would listen often to her peers before making the final decision on most subjects. She listened to Master Thesist when he believed that the Order of the GUARDIANS of the LEGACY seemed to not adhere fully with the requests of the HIGH COUNCIL. He convinced Grandmaster Shan to send him to monitor and guide the newly formed Order of Jedi Knights who had broken away from the ORDER OF ASHLA. Master Thesist quickly ran into opposition from his orders for the KNIGHTS OF GOL to send Jedi Master Xavier to locate and rescue JEDI MASTER VALKUS who had been sent to scout the quarantined planet known as Delaya.

Master Xavier convinced Master Fenoran, and Dark Jedi Errend Duviel to mutiny against Grandmaster Thesist just after he had taken command of the Legacy which was the HQ of the GOL JEDI Knights. What would happen next would be the turning point for the JEDI ORDER, and would ultimately lead to many Jedi Knights to lose their lives. The Legacy Command Station was destroyed by a number of explosions preset by a MASTER JEDI named Xavier. The detonators were triggered by the heartbeat of Xavier ceasing to function. JEDI Master Thesist saved as many as he could but died using the fullest extent of his powers. Xavier was ultimately brought to the Republic to stand trial for the Deaths of thousands. However, the Republic didn't possess sufficient evidence to charge Xavier with the crime.

JEDI Master Xavier was then ordered to stand in front of the HIGH COUNCIL of Tython. The High Council used their collective powers and read Xavier's mind. These actions and a recording from a encrypted transmission from Xavier himself stating that if he died in the line of duty, that his orders be carried out. He mentions Secondary Directive 1, to all soldiers, and ships in the area only." He mentions Master Dor being his second in command, however he seems not to trust Master Infrit enough to give him the leadership, which he ultimately entrusts to Admiral Jenkins. Now what is truly polarizing is what you hear at the end. "Jenkins will also have the right to expel Master Dor if he wishes, and cut all ties from the Jedi of Gol, and the Jedi itself if he so wishes. GRANDMASTER SHAN then ordered Master Xavier to be stripped from the Force and exiled from the JEDI ORDER.

THE HIGH COUNCIL was caught off guard by a non sensed SITH FLEET which decimated it's JEDI defense ships and bombarded the entire planet of Tython which ultimately destroyed all but two known JEDI TEMPLES. GRANDMASTER SHAN, MASTER ADAM SAGE, MASTER TREC THOOL, MASTER CHALKAZZA, along with many more were all killed. Revan having recently been rescued by the GOL JEDI ORDER's GRANDMASTER INFRIT DOR left shortly before the SITH FLEET arrived..."