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Name : Master Adam Sage

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 189

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown and Greying

Skin: Tan

Age: 51

Species: Humanoid

Home Planet: Ashla

Class: JEDI


Relatives: Unknown

Notable Physical Features:

Personality: Stoic, Serious

Languages: Unknown

Force Sensitivity: (( Strong ))

Physical Description of Character: In decent shape, wide shoulders, hair cut close, wearing a goatee

Early Life: (Back-story)

"MASTER SAGE was originally one of the HIGH JEDI COUNCIL MEMBERS OF TYTHON and was sent with several other Council Members to oversee the Guardians of the Legacy's creation after they left the ORDER OF ASHLA. Most of ADAM SAGE'S actions have been hidden from our archives but we do know that he was one of the JEDI that went to try and intervene during the events of THESE GREY DAYS. Master Sage tried to stop Grandmaster Fenoran, Master Xavier, and Dark JEDI Errend Duviel. Even though Adam was able to thwart Xavier's efforts of mutiny, Master Sage was unable to stop the destruction of the LEGACY SKYHOOK which was the former headquarters of the GUARDIANS OF THE LEGACY.

Master Adam Sage was also responsible for relaying information to the HIGH COUNCIL namely towards GRANDMASTER SHAN pertaining to Grandmaster Fenoran's and Xavier's actions that caused the destruction of the Legacy. He then left Tython before the SITH FLEET attacked and killed almost all the JEDI upon the surface of the planet. Because of the timing of both absences before pre-emptive strikes from the SITH ORDER (the first led to GOL's first JEDI TEMPLE on Coruscant being destroyed) that occurred before his absences, there is considerable suspicion that his ultimate loyalty my not rest with the JEDI ORDER....