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descriptionDARK JEDI Errend Duviel EmptyDARK JEDI Errend Duviel

DARK JEDI Errend Duviel 97SZS9Q


Name : Errend Duviel

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 168 Pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Long Black/Brown

Skin: Caucasian(Deep red when transformed)


Species: Sithspawn (Massassi/Human Hybrid)

Home Planet: Korriban

Jedi Class/Path: Shadow Force Visionary

Rank: Master

Family :

-Mother: Jeneria Duviel (decease)

-Daughter: Ember (Alive and well)

-Son: Erik (alive and well)

-Wife: Nalia Duviel (decease)

Notable Physical Features: Left arm Permanently blackened /Right eye Alchemical Implant

Personality: Errend is a firm believer in the way of the Grey jedi and has an erratic personality He is fun loving and passionate as well as chaotic and unpredictable but he is always willing to put himself in the line of fire in order to save another

History: Errend was born and raised on Korriban in the village of Vezer close to the valley of the void an ancient canyon that housed the tombs of many sith lord now lost to history. His mother had made him trough her unmatched talent in the ancient art of sith alchemy taking DNA from many massassi warrior, herself as his "father" and the mighty sith overlord Adas, She forced all of these different genetic information together creating a unique being, leaving the newly created baby to his "father" she went on a mission from which she never came back. Errend father raised him well even on Korriban. By his fifth year, Errend had shown great learning ability having completely learned the history of the sith empire. On a day when he was five years old Errend made is way to where the only other kid in the village his friend Karliya, when he arrived at her house he saw a dark imposing man, Karliya and her father. The tall man ordered her father to give her to him,her father refused which resulted in a torrent of black lightning burning his body to ashes, Errend while terrified threw a rock at the aggressor who easily crushed it with the force as retribution for Errend defiance the sith unleashed a similar torrent of lightning at the young sithspawn but rather then die Errend protected himself with his left arm,the lightning burned his charred his arm but otherwise Errend was fine,the sith laugh and left dragging the young girl with him and leaving Errend laying on the ground.After hearing about the accident his father paid a smuggler to get Errend out of sith space,the smuggler agreed and brought the young force sensitive to coruscant.

However once on the republic capital city the smuggler pretty much threw the kid out leaving Errend to fend for himself,with only his cloth and a necklace housing a kaiburr crystal.Without money Errend was forced to live in the lower level of the city,this did not last long however as Errend budding force power began to manifest themselves the jedi who had remained on coruscant after the destruction of the temple and the sacking quickly found the young man,his force ability being obvious they sent him to tython for training.There he met many people Darin and Xavier,who where fellow padawan,Infrit,Plo amon,Kaien Decar and Fenoran whinor to name but a few,during his training Errend and Xavier often fought each other entertaining a small rivalry,once his training as a youngling ended he was taken as padawan by Master Kaien Decar,however this was not to last Master Ribess Nettoc one of kaien old friend tricked the council into banishing Errend master,leaving the new padawan masterless before the newly Knighted fenoran Whinor took the young man under his wing training him in the way of the force.However not long after an unknown event scattered the jedi of the ashla leaving the young padawan once again alone and by himself.Seeing this as a chance to see the galaxy Errend took The Silent whisper a ship he had modified for his personal use he wandered the galaxy aimlessly while being unknowingly hunted by both the main jedi order and a bounty hunter of the triad,the jedi feared the sithspawn potential and the sith wanted it.In the end the sith captured the young jedi and only trough the help of his old master was teh jedi agent able to rescue it,the jedi agent ended up becoming is wife later on.Once freed he realized that he was dying and began searching the world for knowledge any kind of knowledge that could help him fight the sickness that was killing him,pillaging trough the tombs of sith and jedi alike he found many holocron of great power,some he left behind other he kept with him.the answer to saving his life came from the fabled holocron of Adas himself.After a time the jedi of the ashla gathered once more,having survived many trial the reformed ashla gave him the rank of knight and the task to train one of the three new padawan, the padawan was a daunting task but Sybon had a thirst for knowledge that Errend was happy to nourish,in the end his padawan proved to be an exceptional jedi.During his last mission to stop the triad leader from using the kaibur crystal to kill the emperor and destroy the republic Errend fell,he missjudge both his friends an enemys,causing him to die by in battle against the sith Drucilla in an attempt to protect his long time friend the knight Emrys.

Non Combatant Skills:
-Demolitions Expert
-Experienced Medic
-Master in Sith lore and History
-Master Alchemist


3.Mission to Chandrilla (Lost his eye to a sith lord Jek Antiles)
4.Times of Trouble
5.Mission to Atzeri
6.Tainted Jedi Holocron
7.Tomb of Learning
8.Trials of Adas
9.Pleasure Cruise To Zeltron
10.Mission to Nubia Part 1
11.Mission to Nubia Part 2
12.Search for the Kaiburr Crystal (part 1)
13.Nature of the Dark Side (Kaiburr Part 2)
14.Draped in Shadow (Kaiburr part 3)
15.Thing we would rather forget
16.Distress signal


-Xavier Brandoth: 7 times (5 wins 2 losses)

-Emrys Blackthorn: 2 times (One tie One win)

-Padawan scruffy: 2 time (one victory one defeat)

-3v3 Duel Against Sith Intruders

-Padawan Pearl: 1 duel (victory)

_Master Infrit Dor: 1 duel (victory)

Lightsaber Forms :

-Form I Shii Cho (Mastered)
-Form IV Ataru (Mastered)
-Form V Shien (Mastered)

Force Powers

6000 XP for recalculation due to new systems.-awarded by Xavier Bandroth


-force push (mastery)
-Pull (mastery)
-Reflexes (Advanced mastery)
-Speed (Advanced mastery)
-Jump (mastery)
-Sense (Advanced mastery)
-Crucitorn (Mastered)
-Art of the Small (Adv Master)
-Force Rage (near Mastery) ((Dark Side Skill))
-Sith Hatred (proficient)
-Mind Barrier: Adept
-Force Absorb: Novice

-Force Sense (Adv mastery)
-Telepathy (Adept)
- Mind Joining (novice)


-Telekinesis (Adv mastery)
-Levitation (Mastery)
-Combustion (Advanced Mastery)
-Force Lightning (Adept) ((Darkside Skill)
-Force Choke (mastered)
-Telekinesis Vigilance (mastered)
-Force weapon(adept)

Other Force Skills :

-Disc Recall (near mastery)
-Distant Disc Blade Throw (near mastery)
-Disc Blade Arc (near mastery)
-Sith Scorcery (Adept)
-Sith Alchemy (Mastered)
-Massasi Transfermation (Uncontrolled)

descriptionDARK JEDI Errend Duviel EmptyRe: DARK JEDI Errend Duviel

Mastery of the Zeison Sha

Forum Image

Errend had learned much from the mysterious being that rescued him from the depths of the deep. His price for saving Errends life was that Errend devote himself to learning anything the mysterious one introduced to him. Errend decided this was a pretty good deal, and accepted. What he learned was was invaluable, and once he was shown Errend was consumed with mastering the new skill. The lure of each new skill further seduced Errend, who allowed himself to do whatever was necessary to committ it to memory, and application.
Finally, Errend understood who it was that was further corrupting him, with even more power. His orgins were Zeison Sha, but the strength of the Darkside of the Force was much to great for him to remain true to his beginning. His ideals that concentrated on independance, and self-reliance were echoed by Errend, who by his very nature unconciously shared these precepts and philosophy. Errend was in awe of his Mastery in telekinesis, as they used no lightsaber, their focus was primarily rooted in the powerful technique. As a result Errends powers in Telekinesis grew considerably, giving him the control rivaling a Master Consular.

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But the Dark Zeison Sha was not finished. Many years of devotion to the Dark Arts of Alchemy, provided a unique combination for the Darkside Devotee. His mastery of the Discblade, was coupled with his knowledge of Alchemy making the Cortosis Weaved Discblade even more deadly, capable of making several different changes in direction before actually hitting the target. Lightsabers provided little defense, as most simply deactivated once contact was made with the Discblade. Errend was also given Dark Padded Battle Armor, imbued with Darkside energy, wearing down opponents of the Lightside of the Force in range with dispair. Errend and the Dark Zeison Sha resided in a large bunker within the Walled City. Using his mastery in Illusion, the mysterious Darksider convinced the Queen of Onderon to give him access to a Starship. And a special equipment, allowing replication of living tissue. No doubt the Darkside Zeison Sha planned to create abominations, to be used as tools of the Darkside. This was however not to be.

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Errend sucumbed to his Massassi form, catching his instructor off guard in the middle of the night. Unable to keep the creature at bay, and no specialized Sith knowledge of history in defending against such an attack, the Dark Side Devottee was gone. Errend would awake, in a pool of blood and torn body parts. His head ached of immense pain, he staggered to his knees trying to orientate himself. In the room were 2 Disc Blades, 1 ancient Darkside Alchemy Book, Dark armor, his personal torn robes, darkside devottee black robes and hood, black armored boots, personal lightsabers.
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