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description"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth Empty"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth Nxcw3hq

CHARACTER NAME: Xavier Bandroth
HEIGHT: 5' 11"


EYES: Blue

HAIR: Dark Brown Medium/Long

SKIN: Caucasian

AGE: 40


HOME PLANET: Coruscant


RANK: None

FAMILY: Deceased in the attack on coruscant.


PERSONALITY: (Strives to do his best at everything he does. He has a large sense of humor and often makes sarcastic remarks, if only to amuse just himself.- Young) (Xavier has grown up a lot since the ending of the Kaiburr mission. He is more stoic now, but also more authoritative due to his new role as a Council Member. He takes his new leadership responsibilities extremely seriously and is striving to better his commanding skills. -Time as Jedi Master)

Quiet, with stronger interjections of anger. Holds within him immense rage at the jedi, and despises the sith.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION AS A WHOLE CHARACTER: (He has a medium built, is very athletic and also extremely acrobatic utilizing flips and jumps in his fighting forms very often. -Youth through exile) Average build, unathletic posture, with severe scaring across his entire torso and some of his arms.

EARLY LIFE: He grew up on coruscant until the attack, he moved away with the jedi. He spent the first few years as a youngling learning from all the masters at the temple.

Once he became of age, master Plo took Xavier in as his padawan. After Plo's several attempts to kill the both of them, and Xavier's constant wit and outstanding feats of bravery to, save his master, complete the mission, and get them back to the temple safely the council promoted Xavier to the rank of Jedi Knight. He then took an extended leave of absence for, personal reasons.

Xavier took an extended leave of absense from the temple for quite some time. Upon his return he is greeted by all of his old friends and settles back into his life with the order. In his years away his connection with the force was only strengthened and his forms more refined. His dedication to become better has proved to have paid off. He has come along way from the young child her first walked through the doors of the temple so many years ago.

In his time away Xavier has traveled the galaxy learning from other masters, and orders. He has seen many cultures and had many experience..

Xavier came across a sith sorceress whom he engaged in a duel. Quite well mannered for a sith lord they ended the battle before any real harm came to either of them. For his skill and opened mindedness not to just fight her to the death. She awarded him with an interesting artifact. A single bladed lightsaber with an ever-changing blade color. She then disappeared through what seemed to be a portal. Weary of such a gift from a sith lord Xavier keeps it in his trusted R8 until he can fully assess it for dangers.
After the intense recent events, Xavier has focused more of his attention on a defensive style of fighting. He has focused himself toward learning new skills, and powers to help aid his friends in battle. He has also trained vigilantly on his commandeering abilities and his diplomacy.

However Xavier has a serious disdain for padawan's, he has only had one padawan in his life and the disappeared, likely fallen to the dark side. He respects his fellow jedi who take padawan's under their wing to progress them, and continue the legacy of the jedi, however he believes it is not in his destiny to ever raise a padawan to the rank of knight.

RECENT LIFE: Xavier has spent the last few years in the presence of two powerful force wielders while he has lost his access to the force. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to master practical skills of non--force users. The loss of the force has been akin to the loss of his spirit. He no longer has the outgoing and lively spirit that had marked his youth.
He’s also become a one-night stand with Padeen and the father of her child.

SKILLS AND PERSONAL ABILITIES: He is skilled with a double bladed saber, a tonfa saber, and a single saber. The green saber has a Bondar crystal. Ant the Blue saber has a sapith crystal, and his tonfa saber holds a Ruusan crystal which significantly boosts his connection to the force by being on his person. He has mastered the use of a double bladed saber, and his signature tonfa saber. He is also proficient in the use of soresu for defense. Recently the from Niman, or form VI has caught his attention. He has begun training in it for its techniques in dual saber combat. He now has the ability of Jar'Kai.

Xavier also is quite skilled in the use of demolitions. He often carries grenades of different kinds, and used to always carry a wrist mounted rocket launcher on his left forearm.

This arm module was highly sophisticated and effectively replaced a datapad. The wrist rocket covered his entire left forearm, but did not constrict his movement at all. It was lined with cortosis so it is impervious to most lightsaber attacks, but it was
also made mostly out of armorweave so it could take a heavy beating. It had two barrels which can fire with pinpoint accuracy up to 50 meters. Not counting for measures on the rocket itself. It held up to twelve extra rounds in a similarly made tube the ran farther up the outside of his arm hidden by his robes. Requiring him to unbend his arm to allow rockets 7 and up to move into the fore arm part. However 1-6 were concealed on his forearm so they could be fired in any situation within seconds of eachother. To empty all 12 rockets with his arm straight it took 5 seconds. This item was lost during the explosion of the legacy along with all the rest of Xavier's possessions.

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth DzgztFl

And old image of Xavier's days as a Jedi Master.

The astromech driod T7-D9 has been with Xavier since his padawanship. (Being an astromech droid he has an expansive knowledge of mechanics and maintenance. From starship construction/maintenance, all the way down to vibroblade sharpening.

He is a second degree droid.

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth 4Dc6TTs


RP Training (Xavier)
Mission from Coruscant to Tython (written by master ribess)
Field Trip
Food Stuff (Plo, Xavier)
Mission to acquire companion. (Xavier)
Book of Vision
Padawan Mission[forgot name deleted by garet] (Xavier, Plo)
Visions of a Future Past: Chapter 2
Kaiburr: Chapter 2
Kaiburr: Chapter 3
Reparations for Anaxes
Thing We Would Rather Forget
These Grey Days: Chapter 1

Light Sabers (Lost during the explosion of The Legacy)

Cerulean Solace

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth 9qa1ycn


Blade: Blue
Crystal:Ruusan (Just by having this saber on his person, because of the crystal he has significantly larger connection with the force.)

The Twins

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth 7LSV0AD

Blades: Blue and Green.
Crystals: The green saber has a Bondar crystal. Ant the Blue saber has a sapith crystal.

These two sabers can be connected together to become a double bladed. One saber has a blue blade and the other a green. As indicated by the bands around the blade holders. The belt clips are each hidden under the black rubber at the end so when in use ones hands don't get caught up on the belt clip.


Blade: Ever changing
Crystals: Unknown emitting immense power
Status: In the possession of the Jedi Council after Xavier thrust it into the table during his banishment hearing.

Master Valkus: (training duel)
Errend: 8 times, 4 wins
Buchou, Darin (2v1 battle) lol: 1 time, 1 loss
Ribess Nettoc: 1 time, 1 loss
Buchou: 1 time, 1 loss
Plo Ammon: Multiple Duels, Wins on both sides.
Emry Blackthorn: 2 times, 1 loss, 1 draw
Kallen: 1 time 1 loss
Errend, Kif, and I VS a sith assassin, and 2 bounty hunters
Isaacs: 1 time, 1 draw
Infrit: 1 time, 1 win


1. Physical Prowness (Saber Forms, Technique, Skills) - XP

2. Force Focus (Alter, Control, Sense) - XP

3. Calm Mind (Wise Decisions, Following Jedi Code) - 9,000 XP


"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth Ba0gimS

Shii-cho: Mastery

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth FOn5vAg

Soresu: Near Mastery

"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth FsyUwYp

Ataru: Adept



Force Reflex.. The ability to enhance ones reactions and reflexes beyond that of a non force sensitive.Advanced Mastery
Force Speed.. The ability to enchance ones movements beyond that of a non force sensitive.Advanced Mastery
Force Leap.. The ability to enhance ones jumping ability to beyond that of a non force sensitive.Mastery
Force Absorb.. Absorbs force energy, if powerful enough can even absorb blaster shots, or other harmful elements.. Advanced Mastery
Breath Control.. Novice- 450xp
Mental Barrier.. Defends against mental based force attacks.. Mastery


Force Speaking & Hearing.. Proficient
Force Sense..The ability to enhance ones senses far beyond that of a non force sensitive, also has the ability to sense purely through the force.Mastery
Precognition.. ability of foresight was perhaps universal to the Jedi or Force-sensitives and was manifested in the form of Force visions of future events, or helped the Jedi predict his opponent's movements. Mastery
Farsight.. ability to gain vague impressions of events happening in other places or times using the Force. Adept


Force Push.. Advanced Mastery
Force Pull.. Mastery
Force Grip... Novice
Telekinesis... Advanced Proficiency
Jedi Mind trick.. Advanced Proficiency
Doppelganger.. Creates perfect illusion of the user, may interact with the world around it. Novice
Force Barrier.. Creates a barrier of protection through the force.. Mastery
Protection Bubble.. Creates a Protection bubble that can withstand many attacks.Advanced Mastery
Healing Trance.. a form of force healing in which the figure being healed must be put into a trance. Can be used on self, but must be meditating. Novice
Revitalize.. was a light side Force technique that revitalized an exhausted, wounded or, unconscious user, or whoever the user directed it at. Novice (Can only be directed at others presently.)
Battle Meditation.. Force ability which considerably boosted the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of an individual's allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition's combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight. Advanced Proficiency

Martial Arts

Echani Arts.. Mastery (Learned from Pearl Fenni)

Abilities: *Five-Strike (5 strikes in a continuous motion)
*Counter Strike (intercept an opponent's attack by striking the opponent's limb that carries said attack. Done successfully, this offensive defense can cripple a lesser opponent before they get the chance to even land a blow)
*Aggressive Evasion (damaging your foe while trying to get out of a sticky situation)
*Intercept Attack (countering your opponent’s attack and make a strike)
*Seven-Strike (7 strikes in a continuous motion)

Planets Visited
1. Coruscant (Upper Levels)
2. Circarpous IV (Some personal political relationship)
3. Hoth
4. Tython (Expansive knowledge, through personal and group exploration.)
5. Fondor system and its moons
6. Balmorra

description"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth EmptyInventory


Z-10 gun, (weapons stats were on his site that no longer exists)


1 Ervo-Suit (Good Condition)



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"The Expatriate" Xavier Bandroth 5aO8AZB

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