Captain Salinx, R - Merc Recruiter OSkBSuS

Name : Remara Salinx

Height: 5' 9''

Weight: 145

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Burnette

Skin: Peach

Age: 32

Species: Humanoid

Home Planet: Fondor

Class: Mercenary / Smuggler



Notable Physical Features: Slender, Very fit, Long Dark Brown Hair

Personality: Head Strong, Engaging, Alpha Woman

Force Sensitivity: Unlikely

Physical Description of Character: Lithe Physique due to the fact She runs 3 - 6 Kilo's on treadmill 4 times a week

Early Life: (Back-story)

Remara was born into great wealth being the daughter of Valerie Perlemian, named after her ancestor Stately Perlemian the founder of the Perlemian Trade Route. Remara was very much a rebellious child in her youth. Possessing a very high IQ, she would bore easily within some of the most prestigious Galactic Universities. After finally graduating she snatched her family inheritance and took to the stars to create a new life for herself. She made many mistakes at first because of simply not having an experienced eye for dealing with regional spacefaring squabbles. But when she did catch on, her rep grew considerably. Recently she has helped rescue Jedi from Delaya, and helped the Order of GOL Jedi Knights to exterminate a sentient alien invader...