I'm known as Pearl Fenni and Vermirah Saveen.

Introductions to star wars?

My family would go to the library during the summer a lot. In 2003 I loved to browse among the books in the young adult, kids section, and get bored of the non-fiction.

I found two of my brothers in the young adults fiction books browsing for the goose bumps books. I found the Star Wars Jedi Quest series. I think it was a six book series, it was during the time that Anakin was a padawan between Episodes 1 and 2. I believe I read them out of order just mainly because someone else had a book checked out in the series. A couple of the others had yet been published. Books came out between 2001 and 2004.

I didn't get to watch the movies till another couple more years because my Mom still enjoys watching the old black and white western movies. She would encourage me to keep reading lol. I read all six books, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (didn't finish it on the count of a sibling "borrowing" it).

Also read The Clone Wars books when they came out (2008). Didn't finish the series when the show came out. My favorite scene in the first or second book is when Ashoka points out she is just 14. Captain Rex pipes up with, "I'm 10 and just tall for my age." That killed me.

I had no idea that Star Wars started off as a movie until 2005 when Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith came out in theaters (May 2005). Me and two of my siblings watched it together. I had to know more and begged my Mom to go to Blockbuster to get the other movies so I could watch them. So during that summer, I binge watched the entire series in episode order. I had to get a lightsaber for Christmas after that.

How did I come across this site?

I didn't. This is actually the third website, fourth for others, that majority of everything has been moved to. Our goal is to keep this as the last move. That's why a lot of our stories, missions, bios, and other information are dated around towards the end of February and March. I was actually introduced to the Guardians of the Legacy when they moved from their first site, Ashla, to a different site that wasn't full of people who would make their character so over powered it wasn't fun or funny.

One of my siblings became friends with one of my friends who is still here in the guild. They bonded a bit and Accendo had invited my brother to join in on GOL. It honestly wasn't my sibling's cup of tea. So he turned to me. "Hey sis, this is more of your type of thing. Would you at least take a look and see if you would want to try."

So I did. I embarrassed myself for awhile. Which was okay. It was my first time writing star wars with others and being part of a group. I wasn't really explained how things were done. It was a learn on the go type of deal.

My first friend here in the guild is Errend/Mesh'la, outside of Accendo of course, even though people warned me that he could be a bit much. I didn't care because I found out through experience that it wasn't true once I got to know him. I actually grew fond of him. Errend is definitely a unique person to write with. You never know what he's going to throw out there to put a twist on things. Many of those things we still talk about today.

I also eventually became friends with Infrit/Kafei.

The funny part about that is I friended all of these people on Facebook without knowing who was who from person to character. I had to figure that out without it being too embarrassing. So during the summer of 2011 I actually had a conversation with Infrit on the guild site and who is he in person through texting before I matched him as Infrit. I still love calling to annoy him to this day.

The next person is Kiflin/the main DM of everything. He had joined Ashla years ago. He was the one who proposed to have GOL and moved everything that he made from Ashla to the new site. Others followed him there, from my understand from my point of view (because I wasn't there at the time), because things at Ashla was just toxic. So all of the chill cool dudes went to GOL. His stories are majority original to him. So don't go expecting so much canon stuff to be involved. Kiflin puts so much intensive work into whatever he is about to create next. He is one of the wisest people here. You can definitely chill out with him and talk for hours on just about anything.

I'm going to circle back around to Accendo. We became friends in high school first. He's honestly creative and will make a new character every few months because they either died or he got bored with them and would circle back around to a previous character with a new renovated idea of what to do with them. He is our other DM and will absolutely show no mercy towards anyone. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't sign up for one of his stories. Those will help create character development even though it puts your character through hell.

At the end of this though. If you are still thinking of joining this site, go for it. Because this place is about coming here to have creative fun. Not just with everyone, but for yourself as well. We've all found friendships here. We have had, and continue to do so, fun. We enjoy having new people here and having new ideas with twists and turns.