Emrys Blackthorn LW6WRxW

Emrys As Lord Azrael Or Darth Umbralux "The shadow of the Light"

CHARACTER NAME: Azrael Emrys Blackthorn (goes by Emrys pernounced Em-ris)

Titles/Alias: Lord Azrael/Darth Umbralux

HEIGHT: (6’1”)

WEIGHT: (160)

EYES: Bright blue almost white

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Pale Caucasian

AGE: 20 (currently)

SPECIES:(Near) Human


JEDI CLASS/PATH: Guardian/Sentinel

RANK: Jedi Knight (as of June 1st 2010)

FAMILY: None that he knows of

NOTABLE PHYSICAL FEATURES: a strange symbol on the back of his neck that he has had since birth his long hair hides it for the most part his eyes are a bright blue almost glowing demanding attention

PERSONALITY: a complex character he cares a lot about the jedi code but has trouble with patience he is headstrong and firm in the things he believes he has a powerful since of honor he was thought by the jedi who found him and has a verry peaceful warrior mentality he is almost always either meditating studying or training he often develops stratagems and simulations for fun spending a lot of his time programming simulations for him to run through

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION AS A WHOLE CHARACTER: Standing an intimidating 6 foot 2 Emrys often appears emotionless and cold for the most part his eyes demand attention as his pale white skin extenuates there bright blue almost white color which seem to glow slightly to those who look he currently has long hair and a bit of a beard on his chin the only Non human characteristic other than his eyes are his slightly elongated ears and his sharp claw like fingernails he is a muscular man as he trains his body and mind often

EARLY LIFE: he doesn't remember much of his life prior to being found by the jedi found on the planet of Ziost ((See Mark of Azrael))

RECENT LIFE: recently he has attained the status of padawan and is training under master Plo Ammon he has learned much and wants nothing more than to grow strong so he can one day be of some use to the galaxy he has recently been training almost nonstop in his new "haven"

Emrys recently spent almost 4 months in the shadowlands of Kashyyyk something not even the wookies of the same planet tend to do earning him the name Shadow beast or Beast of the Shadowlands among the wookies he made good friends once returning to civilization and understands Shyriiwook fluently

During his time on kashyyyk Emrys spent it with a Younge sith sorceress who seduced and manipulated him branding him with a Prophetic tattoo That only her sect of sith sorcerers could read properly

He returned eventually to Tython spending another 2 months in mental recovery finally able to leave again he spent most of his time alone training

Emrys has since than returned to active duty and returned to training with his master Plo ammon, Feneran Whinor as well as With his best friend and rival Kiflin Viskhawk.

Missions :

1.Mandalorian Stockade (weapons cache on tython) ((finished))

2.Rescue at Socorro ((finished))

3.Wookie pelt (Mission to Kashyyk spent almost 4 months in the shadowlands) ((finished))

4.Mission to Nubia Part 1((finished))

5. Mission to Nubia Part 2 ((finished))

6.Visions of a Future past Part 2 (ongoing) ((ongoing))

7.Mission to save Infrit Dor (Reflections of the padawans)((fought and defeated dark jedi Zarvos)) ((finished))

8. Haven (Section 1) ((finished))

9.Pleasure cruise on Zeltron ((Finished))

10. The Hunt

11.Mission to Find the Kyber Crystal Chapter I

12.Mission to Find the Kyber Crystal Chapter II ((ongoing))

13. Mission to Find the Kyburr Crystal Chapter III

14. Cloak and Shadow