Cirs'abish'anoo/Sabisha SQlrIim

Name :Cirs'abish'anoo
Core Name: Sabisha

Height: 1.75 meters (5'7")

Weight: 135lbs

Eyes: Red

Hair: Light Blue

Skin: Dark Blue

Age: 15

Species: Chiss

Native Planet: Csilla
Home Planet: Ord Radama

Class: Imperial Agent (Recruit of the Ministry of Imperial Intelligence)

Path: Imperial Citizen

Relatives: Cirs'abel'icuro (Father), Cirs'hirut'hawna (Brother), Cirs'tuloc'isunai (Sister)

Notable Physical Features: Scar under right eye, scar across both eyes.

Personality: Notably more engaging than those of her species, though like all Chiss keeps her personal information to herself. Curious by nature, this is often what leads her to engaging with those outside her species. While quicker than most to engage with outsiders, she still possesses a strong sense of self control and so only displays those emotions that might be disarming in any given situation. However, this hides a contemplative, and rather distant mindset from the potentially warm encounters she might give.

Force Sensitivity: Yes (untrained)

Physical Description of Character: Possessing an average height of her species, she has a slight frame, though her muscles are both toned yet lithe thanks to her species slightly above average active metabolism. Her face contains many dark spots, the equivalent of freckles on an average human. While not unattractive her face is marred by two scars. While only 15, like all of her species in terms of physicality, her physical maturity is the equivalent of that of a 25 year old Human.

Early Life: Having been born on her native planet of Csilla, it wasn't long before she was moved to Ord Radama. Her father, a particularly minor Sith Lord, had been tasked with maintaining order as well as the flow of fresh resources on the world she now considers to be her home. Of her siblings, she is the middling child, and while both her brother and sister possessed strong connections and were subsequently chosen to train as Sith, Cirs'abish'anoo's connection was deemed to weak to cultivate. This lead her to be mostly treated like extended family, barely more than a servant at times, by her father and siblings. Because of this treatment she was mostly left to her own devices so long as she did nothing to impede, embarrass or threaten her Father's, and later her siblings, positions. When her time was not occupied by the education system of the Empire, she would wander the halls of her home. Often she'd find herself in places she was not supposed to be and thus began to learn of what went on during her Father's meetings with the officials of Ord Radama, however she quickly grew bored of listening to production statuses and deadline approvals. She then had the idea to try the same thing but with her siblings.

The very night she tried to spy on her older brother's training in the Sith arts before being sent to Korriban for his official training, she was discovered by her brothers tutor. As punishment for this her brother was made to blind her with his training saber. Thus she gained the scars on her face, and while her eyes were healed, the scars were made to stay as a reminder of her failure. Not a failure in her behavior, but for her failure of being caught and her failure to know a Sith would not tolerate such a thing. While she was healing, her Father decided that if his daughter wanted to be in places she wasn't supposed to be, she would be useful to the Empire by serving the Ministry of Imperial Intelligence when she came of age. Once she could see again, her education became that much more focused on the politics of the Empire and Republic as well as learning the basic architecture of computer software. Not only was there an increase in the focused learning she did, there was now a physical training regiment she was forced to do. However she never saw this as a punishment, in fact she saw it as her father giving her the attention she wanted for so long. In her mind, this attention made her feel acknowledged by her Father, if not seen as an equal to her siblings. Thus when she came of age, she readily and wholeheartedly signed up to join the Ministry of Imperial Intelligence.


Stepping Through Perdition

Episode 6: Into The Void