Darth Devastion Alo5Dh8


Height: 6’ 10’’ ((SITH ARMOR ENHANCED))


Eyes: Glowing dark yellow

Hair: long black locks

Skin: Horribly pale with bluish strands of varicose veins

Age: Possibly in his 50's


Home Planet:


Path: Thought to be a Sith Sentinel but no one really knows


Notable Physical Features: Armor glows with a purple & black hue, electric currents appear and disppear at will across his large frame


Force Sensitivity: LEGENDARY

Physical Description of Character:

1. STAR WARS: The Search for the Kaiburr Crystal
2. STAR WARS: The Nature of the Dark side
3. STAR WARS: Draped in Shadow
4. STAR WARS: These Grey Days
5. STAR WARS: Light of the Phalnax
6. STAR WARS: Into the Void

Early Life: (Back-story)

Darth Devastion K1Uyjr2

The Triad's Rule is 3 Dark Lords of the Sith, no more no less. One to control the power, one to be the instrument of the Power, and one to covet the power. Darth Devastion is the only member of the original Triad that still lives.

Darth Devastion Xv88Epg

A conduit of Darkside Power, this Sith Lord is an imposing figure of strength and ruthlessness. A master of the all known lightsaber forms, he is a killing machine, and a very experienced one to boot. The number of duels won by him is in the hundreds, sometimes being by 15 to 20 Jedi at one time. His skills with the Lightsaber Blade are beyond legend. Beware of his rage, seamlessly switching from one Form to another, as the Dark side fills his body, his uncontrolled fury has never been countered successfully...

Darth Devastion A15Ni3Y

Suddenly the alarms sounded, Kiflin quickly turned of the holo-display of his now ex girlfriend, and changed the frequency to reveal what was happening outside. It showed nothing, then he used his comlink to contact Jedi Master Fen. Again no answer. Kiflin jumped to his feet and grabbed his saber, headed to the youngling room to do what he could to get them to safety. Kiflin ran through the hall ways of the Jedi Temple on Tython, hearing the alarms blazing. Then he suddenly felt the presence of the Darkside like he never had before.

Darth Devastion QtrXmSa

Upon nearing the bridge, Devastion sensed men approaching. His men all cloaked using the Darkside of the Force. Devastion however remained visible, preferring for his enemies to see the one that would eviscerate them. Kallen's 1st and 2nd Division all stopped, in formations inside of the corridors hallway. Devastion stood, menacing still his large lightsaber still on his belt. The soldiers began to fire shots towards Devastion seeing him as an easy target. But as soon as the blasts of energy flew towards the Powerful Triad, his cloaked men began to move with inhuman speed, streaking back and forth, high and low defecting the blasts right back at the attackers, while disappearing and reappearing at will.

Darth Devastion HoIkuWy

A lone figure strides along the surface of the home of the Jedi Order. Bodies by the thousands lay scattered upon the cratered foray. Bunker missile caps found imbedded in below ground hiding places, along with the remains of the young and the old. Fires that would burn themselves for weeks begin to swirl in delight across the surrounding forests. For more then 5 months the Sith Fleet had peppered the entire planet with unrelenting force. All manner of sentient life had been extinguished. Satisfied from their scanning the Sith Fleet adjust their heading collectively, and leave triumphant.