Darkside Marauder: Accendo Animi (DECEASED) Ezgif-10

Name : Accendo Animi (Illuminate Mind)

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 250lbs.

Eyes: blue

Hair: black

Skin: white/tan

Age: 28

Species: Human

Home Planet: Coruscant

Class: Jedi

Path: Sentinel

Family: none

Notable Physical Features : massive blaster scarring on his torso, burn scars on 75% of the body .

Personality: cold, calculating, dutiful, honorable, quiet

Physical Description as A whole Character: 6 feet 7 inches tall, black hair short, lean, athletic build, scarring covers most of his body.

Early Life:

Son of Saria Vesiff and Jedi Master Balo. Born on Coruscant and taken to the Jedi Academy there from birth. Trained under his father and until the age of 8 when he stowed away on a ship heading for Korriban. When he got there he killed the crew and hid in the Valley of the Dark Lords for 4 years. His father searched for him and eventually found him there. At the age of 12 he killed his father with his own weapon, and taken into the Korriban academy at the age of 14. At the age of 16 he developed a split personality and broke away from the Sith and went into hiding. After 4 years of contesting with his dark side personality, Accendo Animi gained complete control over the body the two minds shared. He spent a year searching the galaxy to join the Jedi Order known as the Guardians of the Legacy. His dark side personality no longer a threat to anyone, is nothing more than a good conversationalist to Accendo.

Recent Life:

After the Former Sith Lord known as Lord Blackrose joined under a new name and personality. He now goes by Accendo Animi, he was placed under the tutelage of Master Infrit Dor. After being sent on a mission to Fondor, it went terribly wrong, he was killed for a short time and was brought back to life aboard the Last Hope. He hunted a Sith Assassin on Endor with Master Sybon, and Jedi Knight Padeen Veer while the others hunt else where. Padeen was injured and the most the ewok guides killed by a massive Gorog. After rescuing her with the help of an unexpected friend -Jedi Drylan Stryker- Accendo brought her out to rest in and sent her down with the last Ewok guide to be cured from a spiders venom. Once that was done and still Sybon remain motionless, seemingly lost in his trance, both young Jedi Accendo and Drylan went back into the cave to search for the Assassin, or the Assassin's target. A few hours of searching only produced a mass grave of jedi and their lightsabers, but they had mistakenly awoken the cave's owner. After leading the Gorog back to the pit that Padeen, Accendo, and Drylan had all crossed Accendo sensed that Sybon was in danger. Without thinking he ran out of the cave to leave Drylan to deal with the Gorog. Once outside, Accendo found the Master surrounded by a pack of boar-wolves. He stood fast to defend the Master, though frustrated that he was still in his trance. Accendo had succeeded in slaying the pack of beasts but in turn gained a major leg would that would have ended fatally had it not been for quick thinking on his part. Having done the best he could medically for himself, Accendo strapped Sybon to his back and proceeded to carry him and the Master up from the ledge that they had fallen to from the fight with the boar-wolves. The winds blew strong on the mountain, but thanks to the help of the now cured Padeen and a band of Ewok warriors they were pulled up to safety. They were taken to the mouth of the cave where the warriors proceeded to treat Accendo's injuries. They were met by a bloodied image of Drylan with a child in his arms. After wounds were treated and everyone bandaged, they made gliders and returned to the ship.

After Everyone had gathered Infrit took Accendo to get his lightsabers. Their first stop was to Mustafar to get his Lava Crystal, then to ILum to get an Adegan Pontite crystal. Once they left the cave they were attacked by triad machines. After defeating the machine, they tried to leave the planet to warn the council. They were headed off by a triad war ship and forced to land. The landing destroyed their ship, and their friends ship as they tried to enter atmosphere to help them. So then they had to rescue them, and get rid of the Triad presence on Ilum. Triad fighter ships came down to finish them off, but thanks to some quick thinking they were able to get away safely. And through sheer luck, found the cave that lead them down to a ridge over looking the factory where miners from both the Republic and Empire were kept as slaves to work. Through a few sneaky tactics and some skill, they were able to destroy the factory and gain valuble intelligence as to what the Triad was doing. They awaited at the ruined factory till a Triad Salvage team came to find what they could. Accendo and Infrit relieved them of their ship, their uniforms and necessarily so their lives. Now aboard the Triad Terminus-Class Destroyer, they have sabotaged communications and siezed the bridge. After a highly unorthodox interrogation lead from Accendo, codes for the ships self-destruct were retrieved from the captain known as Dah'Lorn. Having given themselves time to leave through the ventilation shafts to get back to the hanger to steal a ship. After stealing a ship, Accendo fled the ship -leaving his master behind because of orders- and was chased by three Triad fighters. After fighters were destroyed with nothing but cosmetic damage done to Accendo's ship, he landed with his master. Several hours after they landed, Fenoran and Artho were healed and waiting on Infrit's ship. The mission was a success, and Accendo obtained his new lightsaber, plus a ship of his own.

Padawan Accendo met up with his master on a space station at an unknown location, once there Accendo because of his past experiences with Sith Holocrons came to identify the past possessor of a holocron now in Jedi hands. Once he came into contact with the holocron -visually- it awoke a memory, the memory of how he began his path down the darkside. When the memory faded, Master's Viskhawk, Dor and Fenoran, used the force to read the holocron's past. The end of which resulted them in coming into contact with a Force Ghost, who told them the location of a cult, planning something on Tython -the Jedi ancestral home. The Jedi then took a fleet, acquired by Jedi Master Bandroth, to the planet. Their they met a highly advanced fleet from the cultists. After sustaining heavy damage, they made it down to the planet surface. The surface was infected with a technovirus. Anything infected by it would become a cyborg and destroy anything in its path. After destroying -flooding really- the cultist's base there, Accendo was charged with following up on a lead given to him by Master Viskhawk. Taking 28 volunteer soldiers with him he went to investigate a nearby nebula. Their they found an automated station, it took control of their ship and sent them into another galaxy. Their they were introduced to a dying sun and planet, both radiated heavily in the darkside. After scanning the planet surface, they found 2 settlements and 1 temple, in side it held the very thing they came to find. Landing outside the temple, Accendo divided the soldiers in half, 14 with the ship 14 with Accendo. As they left the ship, they encountered a native warrior from one of the nearby settlements. Not knowing how to speak to this being, Accendo relied upon his knowledge of Telepathy. Through this unspoken conversation, Accendo was able to gain an ally and to find out what was going on. With the native and the soldiers, Accendo entered the temple to face the Sith waiting inside. After a vicious battle, the Sith had trapped Accendo in a Dark Web. His soldiers lie dead, the native unconcious, and Accendo trapped with his energy being sapped away by the Web. After what seemed like hours to Accendo, help arrived in the form of his master, Valkus and Kiflin. After a brief battle, something unexpected happened. A fallen Jedi appeared, Errend Duviel appeared behind the Sith and stabbed him, killing him instantly. Once the shock of his return wore off, Errend freed Accendo from the web. Once freed, the Jedi returned to their ships, and returned the warrior to his people. After going to get more ships, they returned to save the dying species. After these events, Accendo was made a Jedi Knight, and he elected to stay with the alien species to help them adjust and act as a reprentative for them given his findings on how to communicate.

With the new species settled in, Accendo met up with the masters of the GOL order. There he was briefed on the missing Master Prestix Bandroth and his Padawan Haifa. After making his suggestion on a course of action and thus being ignored, he did what he was assigned to do. Master Kiflin assigned him with a Grey jedi by the name of Kaien Decar, with whom he had recently been under his tutelage for a period to learn the ability Plant Surge. Their job was to infiltrate the station in the Asuin System, deep in the heart of Hutt space and find actionable intel. They were quickly discovered however, and Accendo was forced to defend himself against an onslaught of droids and a single Lady of the Sith by the name of Daraska. After a lengthy battle and the death of Jarroth -whom he asked to go with them to help get into the station's systems- he was able to turn her from the Darkside and get her help in freeing Prestix and Haifa. That was when she told him of the station's self destruct sequence, and with her help they made their escape. Landing aboard a Thranta class war ship, Accendo quickly sent Haifa and Prestix to the medical center while he requested Daraska to go to the brig with the promise he wouldn't let anything happen to her. From there he ordered the captain of the ship to jump out of the system to the planet Utapau where they escaped the stations destruction along with most of the fleet.

A week had past since the last mission he went on, he had cleared with the Utapaun's that he merely showed up to secure the ship from harm, and did not mean any hostility. He promised to leave the system immediately, which he kept his word and had done. Upon his arrival back at the Jedi station in the Fondor system, he was given a Padawan by the name of Pearl Fenni. A young Echani that Accendo saw had great potential. He had also learned that Daraska had been accepted into the order and made a padawan. Though celebrating would have to wait, he had all ready lined up another mission on request of Senator Whir Hiro to which he accepted.

Having crashed himself on the planet to which he was to retrieve the cargo from, Accendo was badly wounded to the point that he requires a resporator. He has been taken by the smuggler Nate Sickle. His padawan Pearl has taken his blaster, and his lightsaber as well.

NPC Companion(s) - None.

Missions: Green (padawan) Blue (Knight) Red (Master) Yellow (current)

Senators Daughter (Finished Success)
Fondor Raided Storage Mission (Finished Failed)
Sith Assassin (Finished Success)
Accendo's Lightsaber (Finished Success)
Thing we'd rather forget (Finished Failed)
Distress Signal (Finsihed Success)
Smuggler Mission "Payment Recieved" (Finished Failed)

4 Success
3 Failed

Duels: win-loss
Tyria: 0-2
Vexx: 1-0
Prudence: 1-0
Atriu Yarr: 2-0


Planets visited: before Jedi Both during Jedi
Dromuund Kaas
Nal Hutta
Nar Shaddaa